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    Here are on the barge costs of raw materials used for synthetic fertilizer. Prices are by the ton of bulk material arriving in the northeast & still sitting on the barge.

    the first dollar amount is for 1/21/08, second is 7/08/08

    ammonium sulfate $260 $445
    urea $490 $775
    DAP $650 $1,080
    potash $440 $670

    The fact that these prices are still rising at this time of the year is not encouraging.

    Now add shipping to blending plant, processing and bagging, and shipping to destination costs.
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    Those are the macros what about the price increase on the minors. I was told sulfur went from $40.00 to $400.00 a ton over the last year. Recently I was informed there would be local delivery charge something I have never paid for in years of business.

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