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    I just returned from a 5-day road trip. I visited relatives and lawnsite.com friends. Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri. Of all the places I visited, Joplin, Missouri still stands out. It was about 100 degrees when we hopped in Ray's Jeep to go out to supper, yet it was a comfortable ride cuz Ray removed the doors from his Jeep.

    We set out to eat supper at a local/rustic restaurant that Ray & his wife thought I would enjoy. I didn't ask to see the tornado damage cuz I figured it was not appropriate, but Ray & his beautiful wife figured I needed to see it. So Ray took me through the devastated area of Joplin. I experienced tornado damage before (our farm got hit 3 times). I'm here to tell all -- the total devastation that I saw was unbelievable. Pictures & words cannot describe it. Tears rolled down my face as we slowly drove through what was once there. I will never forget what I saw. Never. :cry:
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    glad in a way you could experience it larry. i can only imagine. got to meet another member today, MOTurkey. nice guy, he is from down that way but not that far.
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    Great post Larry! I'm sure alot of people feel the same way! I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up last week we you were in the area.

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