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    Had a customer that I installed a RB ESP Mi who kept getting fault light warnings and the message MV ERR. (He had no MV) In addition his seasonal adjust had single digits which could not be eliminated. (It's only meant to adjust in increments of 10%) Called RB and they said some controllers prior to July 07 had a soldering problem and return immediately for a refund or replacement. Replaced with WM smartline. Will sell customer weather monitor next service call.
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    We had same on one controller last week. Reset it and it was fine.... for now. Will probably do it again sometime.

    On another note, with all the rain and lightning we've had lately, I have two controllers to replace Monday. One is an ESPm, other is a Toro Greenskeeper (which is another model now, forget which one). Both are doing the same thing, no display and multiple zones are "hot" all the time.

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    Third trip out there. several times. We kept thinking we had a solenoid issue or wiring issues but when the seasonal adjust started showing single digits that could not be eliminated with reset/powering down I knew I had a controller issue.
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    We use mostly Irritrol MC-Plus controllers and we've had a few go down recently probably due to the increased number of power outages, restarts and possible power surges in our area. Six have experienced problems: 4 went to "fuse" (without zone number) indicating transient power surge; 2 went totally blank. I've been able to power down the "fuse" units and then everything is reset or fine when power is reapplied. I sent the two blank ones back into Irritrol for testing and they came back as "nothing's wrong; board replaced". Hmmm... nothing is wrong but they replaced the board free of charge anyway?
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    If I was teaching a irrigation course (perish the thought) the final test would
    be conducted on programming & operating a MC, Is it just me , or is that the
    most confusing clock ever made?:dizzy: If Sal is still at Irritrol repair, he'll
    give you the straight skinny about exactly what went wrong. Irritrol/Hardie
    repair has been very good to us over the years.:) I agree with the power surges, we've had a grip of failures this past couple of years on clocks we never had problems with.
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    It must be you. I have no problem with them. :)

    Don't know as I don't deal with them. I just pull the boards, install a temporary spare one and then let one of our suppliers send them in.

    Seems like it will only get worse as the demand for power outweighs the supply and/or infrastructure.

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    Solar panels and batteries are the future of irrigation;)
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    Uh, its as simple as swapping the face plate and sending the parts unit in with the old faceplate.

    I've seen that once. Its takes about 15 seconds to take care of.
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    Don't forget WiFi :clapping:

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