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    I'm going to reserve judgement for now and just post pics and respond to queries. I suspect my thoughts will be clear. We installed this at the Arboretum sa part of a volunteer landscape irrigation water wise project.





  2. Mike Leary

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    Does someone make that for Rain-Bird?.. .looks kinna cheapo. Short
    the common?
  3. Mike Leary

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    I could not find it on their site, what is it exactly called? Sharper pic of unit
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    Rain Bird partnered with Irrisoft, a Campbell Scientific company on this product. The ET Manager has proven to be a very effective water manager. For example, a Camden Property in Houston has saved over $26,000.00 and 5.9 Million gallons of water, a 43% reduction in water use. See http://www.waterlogic-texas.com/

    Also the South Centre Mall in Calgary reduced water use 42.96% or 986,340 gallons saving of $5088.00 http://www.exactet.ca/index.asp

    There are many other examples.

    It is very impressive to see the resources Rain Bird offers with the ET Manager. http://www.rainbird.com/landscape/products/controllers/etmanager.htm

    The ET Manager receives hourly weather data from local precision Campbell Scientific weather stations. It adapts to any standard sprinkler controller.
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    Thanxs Smoore, I believe Campbell is the same company supplying Rain
    Master too, I'll go look at it..so it IS part of a central system, not for stand-
    alone use?:) o.k., I just re-read your post..it just shorts the common?
    Just looked at the site..I've always been bothered by the term, "set it and forget it."
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    Unfortunately to many controllers are set and forgotten. We do have projects that have been set and not changed for several years with significant water savings with landscapes looking great all year.

    One of the controller interface options is a common interrupt. Typically a controller is programmed to water every day and the ET Manager determines the right day to water. It manages the frequency of watering based on Managed Allowed Depletion. For example in Houston properties are getting watered 50 to 60 days a year. In Utah, 40 to 50. In New England only 12 to 20 days.

    The ET Manager supports two valve groups by using two commons to control turf and shrubs separately. Another useful tool is the system logs, it keeps a record of watering history.

    Where are you located and what type of work do you do?
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    Mike - I was a part of this irrigation installation. (And I do not work for RainBird) Since both time and materials were donated, we were very happy to have RainBird and WaterLogic (ET signal provider) help out. The top photo shows the ET Manager. This piece of equipment receives real time ET data on an hourly basis. It "piggybacks" onto virtually any existing controller. The other photos simply show the tipping rain gauge that measures individual site rainfall in 100ths of a inch. Yeah, I know its plastic, but it seems to work great and requires very little maintenance (if any). We should have the entire system up and running next week. I'll be glad to post how everything works out. So far, we are all pleased.
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    Thank you DIA for the reply & what you're doing down there..will we be able
    to look at that site to see how things are going ? Or will you post & keep us
    up on what looks like a cool idea. We don't trust the old fart (what's his name
    "Flame-co") to give us complete information as he has ulterior motives about
    moving towards the Pacific N.W. As I posted to Flame-co, a sharper pic would be nice.:)
  9. smoore

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    Glad to hear it. Please let me know if we can help
  10. Mike Leary

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    Er,umm..I'll let this post calm down before I defend myself..welcome to the

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