rc30 drivetrain issues

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by swanny, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. carlriv

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    i remember they did have to pull the seat and stuff for mine, i bridged all of my swithces to and it still didnt move
  3. Stony Bob

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    What about causes #4 or 8 in the service manual troubleshooting section 15-2.

    Problem 3

    Machine starts but hydraulics will not operate.
    Probable cause

    1. Lap bar must be in down position, operator must be
    seated in seat, and front door (if installed) must be
    2. Safety fuse blown.
    3. Faulty operator presence switch.
    a) Test continuity through seat, lap bar, and door
    switch. Adjust or replace as necessary. Lap bar
    and door switch are magnetic switches and
    should be adjusted to approximately 1/16 inch
    away from steel pickup bracket.

    4. Poor ground (check ground wires on bottom left rear
    side of hydraulic reservoir).:confused:

    5. Safety relay is not activating.
    6. Faulty safety solenoid or safety solenoid spool.
    7. Poor wire connections on fuse, relay, or safety solenoid.

    8. Low charge pressure. :confused:
  4. greyim

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    Yes, working thru the list..
    Earths - checked and tested ok (awkward place!)
    bridging the seat and bar switches at their plugs - no diff..
    Replaced safety relay with new...
    Next thing, will try the solenoids... bit hard to get at, will take the seat off...

    Meantime, tired of driving out to site,
    have recovered it back home.
    Alot of work for a wire untight!
    Perhaps I should abandon it alone?
    Did I mention it's hot here?
    Better than cold sleet and snow..
    feelin better after a beer....
    getting ready for another go
  5. carlriv

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    I'm not sure removing the seat will help. Wire up a new coil to a 12V source and try to move it with that in place (bypass everything). If you get it to move that way put it up on some blocks or a lift, and lock the loader arms up... Much better access.
  6. greyim

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    So, turns out the safety solenoid is cooked.. got it out with a wrench

    rc30 solenoids.jpg
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    Another bites the dust

  9. merbesfield

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    Just wondering if anyone has found a good source for these pumps lately? Our RC30 is down. Thanks
  10. Hollowellreid

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    Which pump?

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