rc30 drivetrain issues

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by swanny, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. sshklov

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    My tracks were also chewed up a bit on the inside of the squirrel cage. I'm thinking of swapping the tracks left side to right side or possibly flipping each side. Did ASV have and explanation as to why the insides get chewed up?
  2. swanny

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    That's interesting info about the motors.

    Your Eaton dealer will be able to find parts....its' just a matter of how long do you want to wait because of the proprietary rights ASV has on them.

    The bearing and shaft assembly is available here (steep price though):

    It's specified as #48 http://www.trackloaderparts.net/ASV-RC30-09A.aspx
  3. swanny

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    Alignment of drive motors and squirrel cages have some responsibility here. I have found that you have to be careful when tightening your drive motor bolts or else the motor shaft alignment can be off a few degrees. Tighten them like you would a rim on a front wheel drive car...opposing bolts and incrementally.

    Take notice when you install the bearing mount ( #21 http://www.trackloaderparts.net/ASV-RC30-13A.aspx ) to see if there is much of a gap where it meets the motor mounting bracket ( #14 http://www.trackloaderparts.net/ASV-RC30-13A.aspx ). If there is a lot of gap you can throw the shaft alignment off when you go to bolt them together.

    I had my daughter sit in the machine when I had the tracks off to spin the drive motors to watch if anything was bent.

    Not sure how long these will last, but they are much nicer than the noisy metal sleeves: http://www.bairproductsinc.com/products/sprocket.html
  4. sshklov

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    Earlier today I was talking to: Char-Lynn Motor's Direct. I ended up puchasing a brand new motor from these guys.

    The motor: 167-0024-001 which is a CAT number that ASV uses to describe the Char-Lynn Motor which is a Compact Series 4000 motor for the ASV RC30 application; the 0024 is the VIN for the ASV RC30.

    Anyway the cost for a brand new one is $550 with a lead time of 20 days.

    The company number is: 877-358-4376 and I was dealing with Steve.

    It's amazing that Terex would charge tripple this price!!! and even partsloader.com would be over double this price.
  5. swanny

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    That's dirt cheap for new...thanks for the info!
  6. greyim

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    Mine eats shaft keys it's such a pain...
    I put in a hardened key that lasted quite a bit longer but same result...
    Wish they had a splined shaft !

  7. greyim

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    In addition to the above great tips, this is my method for dismantling:-
    Winch it on the truck if not already on (easier work height) motor running.
    Assemble large stock of tools, best music mix (easy listening, low tempo
    Drinks and food handy, rags; WD40 CRC spray all nuts.
    Support the track apex to save having to take back rollers off (see pic)
    Jack and chock the tracks bit off the ground one end (can use bucket) so rollers under sprocket are free and access underneath easier.
    Free the sprkt from it's tensioning rod; remove the two rollers under it (circlips, cover, nut, lever off outside one and thump inner one.
    Remove two 1/2" bolts holding outer wheel bearing.
    Drop the drive wheel/ support assembly down.
    If the sprkt is loose, switch on motor to retract brake piston (if LHS) and pull off the whole thing.
    If not loose, unbolt outer bearing cover, lever bearing off, prepare for lots of levering spraying (into 1/4" hole) & thumping.
    A guy told me the drive wheel centre has a double thread so you can insert a bolt (what size?) and wind it off
    Other than that, very last resort, cut it off

  8. swanny

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    I've pulled the motors like you have...even without removing any of the wheels underneath the motors. It's easier, imo, if you are going to take that route to remove the bolts and washers that hold the rail to the axle pivot points and slide out the rail assembly 4" to give you more room behind the motor to access the hoses.

    Regarding the shaft keys - do you spray loctite on the shaft before you install the squirrel cage? I've seen some with keys that were starting to distort, but none that have snapped.
  9. greyim

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    That slide rail tip is the best ever, I will try that pretty soon. Only my LH rear axle is siezed, grease won't go in; I'll try the hammer drill on it might shake loose. Loctite I havent used, first timeI took the wheel off every thing was so jammed with it! But Ithink the problem has been once the drive wheel socket gets worn its slightly wobbly and so cuts up the keys like tin snips. I had an eng. shop make up & welded in another wheel insert but still same prob, tolerance must have been out tho ikt seemed perfect at the time. Also they checked in the motor, now the seal leaks.... Anyway, will prob get new parts this time and loctite it .
    A colleague actually welded the wheel to the axle.... tho not rec'd ...likely to reck the seals. I am thinking of doing this while I wait for parts. What do people think?
  10. greyim

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    Swanny have you any instructions for swapping the drive motor shaft and fitting new seals? Thats next my job

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