? re: dormant seeding....use roundup now or wait till February...?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Exact Rototilling, Oct 2, 2011.

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  2. Exact Rototilling

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    Okay ...on my own lawn what is the best time to hit the existing field and hay grass just outside my cool season lawn area for a February dormant seeding? Is roundup effective in the winter months? These areas are not as level as they should be so the plan is to make multiple passes with my Blue Bird S22 seeder to help.level out the ground. I will rototill if needed but not deeper than 4-6".
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    I am not a fan of dormant seeding. As I recall last year, for a test I seeded about late February, the seed emerged April 8 when the soil temp was about 50. I am thinking you have plenty of time in the early spring to Roundup and sow your seed. The only problem is that the ground may be too wet to work the soil.

    Also I am not sure how well Roundup works in cold temperatures. Does anybody have good experience using Roundup when the weather is cold?

    Why not do this and seed in the fall? Or is it too cold already? Hard frost yet? Is there a chance of soil erosion if you have bare soil in the winter?
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    RU only works on green leaves, of actively growing plants...

    There are a number of advantages for 'dormant' seeding as opposed to Spring seedings... but it is best to do i before winter sets in... :)
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    two reasons: Overnight temps are down in the 40’s and because of a back injury this season I’m doing good to finish out the season with just mowing and few aerations etc. Need to heal up over the winter.

    Makes total sense round up wont work unless plants are actively growing. However....at my last house the grass was always green and growing near the dryer vent.

    Might hit it with round up late Oct or early Nov.

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