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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Need a Little Trim, Nov 14, 2005.

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    AS many of you have seen on TV they had a strong wind and some water pooling in the streets here a couple of months ago here in New Orleans. This caused me to have to re-start my business due to loss of equipment and then loss of customers due to loss of equipment (another story).

    I have reformed under an LLC and the customers are pouring in right now since we get free advertisement via signs at all the big intersections until the first of the year (which I am taking full advantage of).

    Unfortunately, I am a little scared to do it full time at the moment because of my thoughts of it possible being a Katrina Fluke. However, I am getting my contracts put together right now and will soon have my current and future customers sign with me for a year so that should be solved. I can quit due to the fact that I am doing lawn clean outs from 2 months of overgrowth, pressure washing, landscape clean outs and repair, and regular grass cutting. For the most part I am making almost 4x my weekly salary at my current job in 2 days most times.

    I guess a long story short how many of you part timers spend most of your work days trying to put things together so you can do it full time and it consumes you. I have customers calling from 8am all the way until 10pm it's almost bad because I have slacked at my current full time position.

    I know what all will say and that is quit and do it....I guess sometimes I am just too loyal to employers who have helped out.
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    If you feel like you want to stay on with your current employer, and save up some extra cash, then do it, if you wish to go full time on landscape and lawn care again. you have that choice too. its all up to you.
  3. Need a Little Trim

    Need a Little Trim LawnSite Member
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    Yeah your right I just need to make my decision and get it done. Geting my business plan together right now along with a few other things and I figure I will be full time come the first of the year.

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