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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by DiGiTLawncare, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Ok guys a few questions about an upcoming bid. I had a homeowner call to pretty much relandscape the front of their house. They want the old shrubs removed and all new 1 gallon planted, mulch. They want it to be simple use basic landscape shrubs. They know it will look a bit bare for a while because of the size of shrubs they are replacing everything with but they are willing to live with it to save a few bucks. Anyways here is what I have so far...

    Total Bed Size = 270 sq. ft.

    I have to pull out all old shrubs... about 10 half dead fairly decent sized.
    Edge about 60 ft. by hand. (Rest is along concrete paths.)
    Spray and kill all weeds, junk in beds.
    Till up ground well and apply 4 yards of mix my local nursery uses on all their new installs (should add about 3-4 inches to the top layer, dirt is fairly decent)
    Adding in about 20-25 1 gallon plants for new landscape. (Basic landscape plants)
    2 flats of monkey grass sorted throughout the design
    2 yards of mulch to final product (about 2 inches)

    I will be using my tractor to ease the part of pulling bushes and spreading the mix through the beds.

    I am figuring... $500-600 in supplies. What kind of rate would you guys be looking at as a total price for this job? I am thinking in the $1400.00 range I low? High? Any input would be appreciated. THanks.
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    Charge for 1.5 hours labor which includes removal and haul off price for 3 men working.

    More info please.

    Why spray? I always pull the weeds roots and all. I charge extra depending on how many are in the bed and add it to the mulch price.

    Have you already marked or know where any lines are so not to hit them. In TN there is a number that you can call and your local utility company will come out and mark the lines within 3 feet of them or something like that. Next thing is wow your going to till these beds up which is going to raise a preexisting bed about 1 to 2 inches and then add 4 yards of pro-mix to the bed to add another 3 to 4 inches and then again and 2 yards mulch to make it another 2 inches or more taller. Are you building a mountain? I see what your trying to do but have you figured all that into the equation? If so then great.

    Normally charge 10 per plane for 1 gallons to go in if i have tilled everything up and the soil is very easy to deal with.

    I have never bought monkey grass so I don't know how big your flat is.

    About 150 bucks for the mulch but I would have added in another 50 for weeds in the beds to come out.

    Unless this is your neighbor and you can drive the tractor there forget about the tractor. Hire one or 2 men and a few shovels. There is no point in hauling mulch and plants and then having to go back and get your tractor.

    I think I would end up charging around 2500 to 3k for this job but I am confused on too many things. If you have a picture of the house put it up so I get get a better thought from sight of what all needs to be done.
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    Thanks for breaking it down let me see if I can clarify on a little of it.

    The edging will be done with a shovel.. cutting a bed edge similar to the ones that machines make.
    I have two guys that work for me mowing that are helping me with this job. So the tractor is optional.
    Yes I am wanting to raise the beds about 6-9 inches that is what the customer has requested.
    It's more of a grass/weed mix throughout the beds now. I am wanting to spray then till to get rid of this.
    Yes I know the number to call and have lines marked but would probably not do that until I got the job?
    Monkey grass is not my favorite but she requested it... I believe there are 18? plugs per flat. I usually plant 2 or 3 plugs together.

    The house has been vacant for two years and these people moved in and are trying to get it back into shape. Grass has completly grown through 90% of the beds. I have always mowed and am by no means a professional landscaper but I do small jobs here and there. I mow this account and they asked me to put something together for landscaping. so here I am. Any One else?
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    Without seeing the beds and knowing much about the conditions, I'd probably be at:
    $40 to come spray the beds if they are not horrible.
    1.5 to 3 hours to clean the beds out and remove bushes + min. $45 dump fee. I probably would not till the ground if its in halfway decent condition especially since you are adding alot of good mix and mulch.
    1 or 2 hours to do the bed edging by hand plus dump fee if there is alot of material removed.
    I try to get at least 2.5 or 3 x whatever the plants cost for them to be bought and installed.
    $30-45/yard mix spread depending on how far its gotta be hauled, delivered, etc. PLUS whatever your cost is for the mix...
    I charge $50-65/yard mulch delivered and installed but you can adjust your prices for your situation.
    Hard to really say without seeing the actual beds. Already learned my lesson a few times this year bidding bed cleanouts a little off so try and add in an extra hour just in case it takes you longer than you think.

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