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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by groundeffectslawnland, May 22, 2013.

  1. groundeffectslawnland

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    Hi all,

    Wondering how everyone is pricing re laying a paver patio for customers. Do you usually quote the same way as a new paver install minus the actual pavers? Any info would be appreciated as I am not trying to lose money on this. Thanks.
  2. DVS Hardscaper

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    if it needs "re layed" then there is a reason.

    "Re Laying" to industry specs would probably cost more than building a new patio from scratch. gotta take up the pavers, store them somewhere, remove the sand and haul away, remove the aggregate base (if it has one) and probably haul away.

    calculate your materials and production times just as you would for your other paver jobs
  3. randosh4

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    more time more money
  4. shovelracer

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    Funny thing about hardscaping is no matter how cheap or poorly or incorrectly someone wants a job done there will always be someone to do it. For whatever reason people seem to think it the get rich scheme of the century. Like DVS said to do it properly costs more 95% of the time. That said there are a million guys that will gladly lift any sunken walk through down some dust or play sand and place the pavers again.

    Best recent example: We were just involved in a 600sqft municipal patio bid. 25+ yr old patio sunken horribly, pavers faded, and aggregate exposed tops. Obvious signs or subgrade issues. They had a blueprint and spec sheet which was specific about some items but did not even address others. Lots of restrictions like dust control, safety/crowd control, cleanup restrictions, etc. My biggest problem was that the brain behind this felt that there was not a structural issue so the spec was to just build over existing with no compaction specs.

    We ran through the topics, I addressed my concerns explained the costs of doing it properly and why they should just consider it a new install with a modern but "historic" paver, etc. I knew within 10 minutes I had no chance of getting the job. So request for final numbers yielded that guys were beating down the door to do the job for $3500-5000, My price to do it right but still meet their specs was 12K. I could have stripped it and installed new techo for about the same price.
  5. DVS Hardscaper

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    When I get calls for redoing patios I explain on the phone that we would rip everything up and start from scratch. I explain that it will cost more than if there was no patio.

    After I explain everything I usually get the "I'll talk my my spouse N maybe call you back" line.
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  6. zedosix

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    I keep a crew busy most of the hardscape season doing repair work. You guys are missing out on good money by telling your clients that it will cost more. It doesn't have to, as long as the base is good then just charge out by the hour. Remove the brick, compact, grade and reinstall. Hardscape cleaner, poly sand, and restraint edge. No excavators, bobcats, dump fees, granular deliveries, no brick deliveries......... If you know how to charge, you can make good or better money than new installs. One year warranty if they ask. I only do it on time and material, never on an assumed amount, cause, yes they can get expensive if the base is not good. You tell them from the get go or at least do a small test area. Anyone in business long enough can tell if the patio or walkway, whatever has been properly done. If its falling apart after a year or two, stay away.. Or at least then, give them the " its going to cost you more now than......"
  7. alldayrj

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    I do repairs with no guarantees.
    Give them a price for new at the same time and leave it up to them.
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  8. zedosix

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    Here is an example of a job that was repaired last year, would of loved to have the before but didn't take one. We did this job for the client in 1997, home was brand new then, and it took about a decade for it to sink roughly 4". Not good but we knew what the base was like. I added a rock to the design and changed the way the steps are, they used to run along the driveway in a straight line and the snowplow guy hit it more than once. We used all the same material except for the "escala". It used to be celtik but it more or less fell apart. The upper step was the same, we only added sand. Took us 2 days last November for this one.

  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    To each his own.

    If my excellent name is on it - it has to be done right from head to toe.

    "Missing out on good money" is when a contractor turns down a job where the client wants to supply the pavers.....

  10. zedosix

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    Its part of the business Andrew, people need a patio relifted, its isn't rocket science. Its a business, Up here it is big business. I just don't see the deal with having to redig a job when there is 12" base already. If its was a homeowner special then I stay away. Good judgement can reap rewards.

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