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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by groundeffectslawnland, May 22, 2013.

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    Actually Andrew I do get your point.

    And everyone here at Lawnsite that's been here a while all know you "get paid well". You've made that very clear.

    I think with you being from Canada, we have cultural differences. A while back we were on vacation. And there was a married couple there whom we became friends with from Canada. And the man made it a point that we knew he was in the home heating oil business and that he was very wealthy. I'm not making this up - when he started talking about his reminded me of a hardscaper I know from Canada, and I said to myself "this must be a Canadian thing". Most of us Americans tend to me more humble about our success.

    Hardscaping is a luxury service. Any contractor that was in business before the recent recession in the United States, that struggled through the recession on barely 3 cylinders, and is still in business today - can't be all that foolish.

    Anyway - back to the topic. We hardscape guys tend to get all sorts of phone calls for work. And it gets exhausting chasing after leads. After a while the name of the game is to try to make sure everyone is on the same page before driving across town to meet with people.

    There is a profound difference between a minor settlement issue verses a patio that was improperly installed from the get go. If its a minor settlement issue - then the owners will probably call the original contractor, not you or I. If it was poorly constructed - then they're not going to call the original contractor, they're going to call you and I. If the husband built the patio - the Mrs is going to call you or I.

    We all like money. None of us like to lose work. But also, none of us like to chase dead end leads. So I operate my business by explaining to the prospective customer the scenerios and what to expect. I don't just dart out to give them an estimate. Most people are not aware of proper installation practices. They often are shocked at the cost to redo a patio. It avoids surprises and avoids wasting time and gas. Money spent on gas chasing dead end leads = less bling.

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    This thred needs a new base......
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    I just wasted 5 minutes reading this thread.

    I feel DVS is talking about jobs that are done 100% wrong. And ZEO is talking about jobs with a low spot here and there and not a total rip out.

    How this went 3 pages idk. But since we are talking about excavators here is a picture of me using my 15 year old Komatsu pc40 excavator to lift a beam up into a house that we were doing a renovation on. Isn't that what this thread is about? Contractors using excavators and taking whatever work they can get?

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    I only do the work if there money is green
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    What do you think it is about yourself Andrew that people want to brag when they are in your company? It wouldn't have anything to do about you being high on yourself would it?

    Seems you and I are a lot alike huh :)
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