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    anyone ever seen or used one of these? they seem practical for small gravel and mulch jobs. see eventually im getting a comercial f450 w/ dump back, but this conveyor system seems good... is 3000lb handling realistic for a truck bed full of product? they arn't too expensive either... i saw them on some news review this morning.
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    they work pretty good for small gravel, dirt, and mulch jobs. we used one for a couple seasons. sometimesyou have to clean out the wheelwells in the bed. otherwise, the load handler will turn, but everything else will stay in place.

    I wouldn't suggest putting too much weight on one, or building a leaf box and expecting it to handle all the leaves.

    If you can't currently afford a dump bed, or truck, the loadhandler can be quite helpful.
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    3000 lbs. may not be realistic for the truck itself.

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    could you not throw 3000 lbs in the back of f350? they got good springs, etc.
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    I use mine all the time for anything from topsoil to AB3. One trick I learned was to put down a poly tarp under it and that way you don't have as much trouble cleaning out from behind the wheel wells you can just pick it up. Only real problem I had was once had a load of rock on it and the tailgate was too close to the border of the area we were unloading it in and I had to take the dad blamed handle out every 3/4 turn and stick it in the other side.
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    Load handler has worked fairly well for us. Worth its reasonable price. Buy the heavy duty one. All parts are metal and not plastic.
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    I have one that a buddy gave me. Works great. I have it in my 1 ton Chevy dually. I have had 3+ yards of mulch on it, over 4000 lbs of crushed rock and chunks of sod removed from a landscape bed. Only trick is once you get it moving don't stop or it is really hard to start again. Especially with a lot of weight on it. You will need something smooth and slippery underneath it. I also install vinyl fence so I have my truck bed lined with 1x6 vinyl boards so the load handler slides easier when loaded.

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    i mow lawns here in south central kansas and i use one for grass clippings and it works really well. dont leave grass on it though or it gets really nasty, i love mine!!!!!!!!

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