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    Hey guys got a question. I have a client that has a really bad lawn. He has over 25% of his lawn as just plain weeds, every kind imaginable. I put down a broad leaf application for him a few weeks back and it didnt even touch them they are very well established. He wants to know if there is anything that I can do to get him a new lawn aside from sod. Sod is out of the question for this guy he has over 1 acre of grass and no sprinkler system. I was thinking that a slicer seeder could do the job but what to do with the exisiting weeds? Any assitance and suggestions are welcome...this is a mess and 25% is putting it lightly its more like 50% clover.
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    Sounds like my lawn about 75% clover and weeds. I'm going to kill it off this fall with roundup, till it, level it out, and seed some tall fescue or something. I have about 3/4 of an acre grass.
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    I'm far from a pro, got my own broad-leaf problem going, but Ortho makes a product specifically for clover and chickweed. I've used it and it works well. With a mess like you've got you may have to hit it a couple of times. Can be put down with a hose end sprayer.
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    round up...break it up when its all dead...harrow it...Drag mat errrr....clean up debris and sock the seed to it...siff rake it in... and roll
    good luck
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    scalp what is there. reseed. water religiously.

    when grass starts coming in, fertilize it.

    clover winning out over grass is almost always lack of nitrogen. grass chokes out clover given enough nitrogen.

    but clover makes its own nitrogen as it is a legume or whatever it is called.
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    Watering after you overseed is going to be the key issue...Without a good watering program you may as well start liking weeds.

    Before you start scalp the lawn low to slow down anything that is there then scalp it a week later to keep everything slowed down...

    1. Aerate the lawn 3 to 4 times. Get at least 10 holes per sq. ft.

    2. Slice seed the lawn when the cores get dry. The holes make great germination locales. Slice the lawn in two directions at 45 degree angles. Do not worry about the thatch on top unless it is really heavy. From the sounds of things it should not be. Thatch is usually the result of healthy fast growning grass not struggling dry grass.

    3. Use Scotts starter fertilizer with weed control.

    4. Water, water, water.. Surface water till the grass is up...Start every other day deep watering then finally go to every third day deep watering depending on the daily temps and wind.

    The Turfco Lawn Overseeder seeds on 1.5 inch centers and is good for this type of work. The Lesco is also very good. Beware of rental units with flail blades they do not do a good job of slicing the soil down to 1/4 inch which is what you need to do...

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