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    I think I posted this question in the wrong forum earlier. I have some broadleaf grass taking over sections of my lawn, especially where I spread a bunch of topsoil I had leftover from some excavating I did for a swimming pool. The topsoil came from the yard, its about two feet deep everywhere on the property. I spread the extra topsoil about 4-6 inches deep to get rid of it and just let the grass underneath grow back, which it did but only this broadleaf stuff that looks almost like crabgrass. It is very light in color and we hate the stuff, its just plain ugly. There are patches in other areas too and the stuff is rather aggressive and takes over. It seems to have made the most progress during drought periods when nothing else grows much. Is there a type of grass I can seed over it with that will drive it out? Or should I kill it off with a spray and re-seed? I probably have a thousand square feet of it, perhaps more and we are in another drought/heatwave.
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    If it is as aggresive as you say, over seeding is not the way to go, as this brodleaf will infest all areas of the new seed and spread further. Your best bet, would be to spray and kill it. Especially now that it is hot and dry as your herbicides will work great on the plant. Then, you can re-seed or re-sod the area.

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