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re-seeding lawn


LawnSite Member
Baldwin, MI
I have a cottage in northern Michigan and need some advice on what type of seed to use. Because I am unable to water frequently throughout the summer months, half of my new lawn has died. The area would be 70% sunny and 30% shady so I need a type of grass that would be drought tolerant because I am not there the entire summer to water. I have searched on a well-known grass seed company's website and found a couple varieties that might be suitable. One was for sunny conditions....or sun & shade conditions, tall fescue, etc. Each one has their own characteristic so I am unsure as to what variety to use. I certainly would appreciate any advice from you all. And please let me know if you need more info. Thanks.


LawnSite Member
I've overseeded my lawn with Titan Limited Tall Fescue and have had good luck..


Perhaps the self-repairing rhizomes part is a bit overstated but it's hardy, traffic/shade/drought tolerant.

It's a somewhat coarse grass and not as attractive as Kentucky Blue but my lawn is more for play/yard games than a display piece.


LawnSite Senior Member
Typically up north we use a 2-way blend of Bluegrass and Perenial Rye or a 3-way blend of blue, rye and fine fescue. If it's high maintanence a bluegrass blend works well also.

Stop into your local lesco store and talk to the manager about what the local guys are using in your area.


PR Fect

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Hire someone to water it. After it is established, it will be fine on its own. There is no magic seed or type of grass. ALL new lawns need water, and lots of it. The three way blend that Taz talked about is your best bet, IMO. PR