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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mrusk, Apr 2, 2006.

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    Well i just got back for a estimate for some sod work. The people want me to re sod about 4800sq ft of there lawn. The lawn they have now looks good. With a little over seeding and fertilizer it would look great. I told them that, buttt they want it resoded. They got $$$. What is the proper way for me to do this? I spend an hour searching old post but could not find anything about re doing a yard that already looks good.

    Do i spray with round up then till? Just till it? Or sod cut it? No matter how i get rid of the old turf i plan on adding some top soil and compost to grade it.

    The lawn had no weeds in it that i could see. What kind of tillers are you guys using to till large areas? I have another estimate for a 23k sod or seed installation where the ground is hard clay. Its real bad so i want to till it up real good.

  2. mrusk

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    BTW for job #1 i need to do the best job physically possible regardless of the cost. This is a very highend area and i have to do a top notch job.
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    Get a sod cutter, don't waste your time with a tiller. You won't need to worry about useing roundup, just cut it and have someone follow behindyou, roll it, and toss it in a wheelbarow.

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