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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by fall46, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. fall46

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    I have some dandeloin looking weeds in the lawn, were in Southern WI. Temps in mid 50's or lower and lows in the 30's at night. Is it woth spraying weeds with Weed be Gone Max in my pump sprayer this late in the season? I thougt the weeds needed to be growing in order for them to be treated?

    Also would like to apply about a pound of N using some slow relaease 29-0-4 in order to put down 1 pound of N I would need to apply 3.45 pounds of 29-0-4 correct?

    Thanks in advance
  2. buttaluv

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    I think that is a good question, why spray or put down a pre m with winter coming, why not just get them when you put your crab grass preventer down first thing in the spring
  3. Victor

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    You'll find that this is a great time of year to kill weeds. Since weeds will carry any weed killer you spray on them this time of year throughout their root systems (called translocation), your chances for success are great.

    You're right on with your math too. Since the blend of fertilizer you're asking about is comprised of 29% nitrogen, you would be applying 1 lb. of N per M thousand sq. ft.) if you applied that blend of fert at a rate of 3.45 lbs., per M. The math looks like this... .29 N (same as 29% N) x 3.45 lbs per M of product applied = 1 lb of N you'd be appling per M. See what I mean? :waving:
  4. fall46

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    Thanks Vic

    One pound of N is the recommended rate for a fall feeding?

    Also I just took a reading of the soil. 3' inches down its bewteen 58-60 degrees. At what temp will grass/weeds stop growing?
  5. americanlawn

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    Ditto --- nice advice Vic. I remember spraying weeds in the mornings with frost on them....guess what -- the weeds were dead in the spring.

    Also nice advice regarding the N factor.:usflag:

  6. RigglePLC

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    Grass stops growing when temperatures stay below 45. Depending on the type of seed--could be lower or higher. Except that warm season grasses are completely different.

    Weeds--also depends on the species. Spurge needs hot weather. Chickweed, veronica, henbit (as winter annuals) prefer cold weather. Weed control for dandelions should work fine. Wild garlic, too.
  7. loom-gen

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    cool season perinnials can be sprayed now because they are growing. including Henbit, chickweed and dandelion.
  8. razor1

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    fall46, Good question, I've had that on my mind lately too. :cool:
  9. MStine315

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    You won't see the violent twisting and curling like you do in the spring, but guess what? You won't see them in the spring period! They're younger and more succulent now vs. in the spring when they're hardier, deeper roots, etc... And, they are sending energy towards the roots for winter, and when you apply herbicide, that goes into the root system as well. Often times in the spring when everyone goes crazy with weed control all they're doing is burning the tops off because the roots are so developed. A couple weeks later they wonder why they have more weeds, when in reality, they're the same weeds, which have shot up new top growth. Fall weed control is the whip.
  10. rcreech

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    What are cool season perinnals?

    Henbit and Chickweed are winter annuals. I am assuming that is what you meant? You are correct that Dandelion is a perinnial.

    Just some slight details but wanted to clairfy and ask.

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