Read any good lawn care books lately?


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I'm new here, so I'm not sure if this topic has come up, but I couldn't find it in the search function. Thanks for looking!

I am looking for some good reference style books on grass and turf care. I am in Maryland, so anything specific to the area is great. Do you have a lawn "bible" that you swear by? Was there a book that particulary helped you when you were starting out? Let me know, I'm really interested in learning all of the particulars!

I am going down to Va Tech in a few weekends for the spring football game, and they have a good program so I might check out their text books on turfgrass. I appreciate any and all input; I think this thread will be helpful for all of us in expanding our libraries.




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I was doing a search this week also. I got a $50 gift card to barnes $ noble for x mas so I went down to the store yesterday and picked up 3 book. One was Orthos complete guide to trees and shrubs the other was Home planners Landscape Plans and the last one was Tauntons front yard idea book. I only had about 45 minutes to look in the store and i figured hey they where basicaly free. the tree and shrub book seems to be ok so far. Answered a few questions I had and showed pics which is always a plus. Haven't read into the other two. I would say plan on a few hours of searching a book store and glancing thru their books. I saw a book for $70 on Landscaping that looked pretty good. Can't remember the name tho. When you find a book you like in the store go online and check Amazon or any price grabber. You will probly get it cheaper including shipping.

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