Read Labels When Buying Commercial Equipment

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joed, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. joed

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    Went into a local dealer today. I needed to get a trimmer and always wanted to try out the Kawasaki KBL26A trimmer. This dealer had the unit on sale for $429 Canadian. They're normally $499. After trying out the model, I liked its light weight and figured a 25.4 cc engine would make for a nice trimmer. I also know that the KBL26A trimmer has been discontinued. So, before deciding to buy it, I asked the dealer how old the unit was. He said, it was a year old. Trusting him, I bought the unit. I took it out to trim a few places and I was impressed with the unit's light weight and balance but not too impressed with the lack of power it seemed to have and the short length of the shaft which makes me have to bend down at times. My Shindawia T230 seemed to have more power and it only has a 22.5 cc engine. After finishing up the lawns, I went to change the string in my new trimmer. While doing so, I looked at the Kawasaki label on the trimmer and to my shock, realized that the trimmer was manufactored in 1999 rather than the 2005 my dealer had said. So, I ended up paying almost $500 for a trimmer that's 7 years old even though it's never been used. I know it's under warranty and everything but I still feel foolish for not having read that label before buying.
  2. Jason Rose

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    Honestly, you got a better trimmer than one made today... The EPA has restricted emmisions sooo much on 2 strokes in the last few years that they run lean and hot and generally don't last as long as the models made then. If someone had a warehouse full of brand name trimmers and edgers that were all 10 years old but NEW they could sell them for nearly double and make a killing!
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    Guess he's not your regular dealer? What a scam. I'd take it back and make him eat it. You seemed ok with a year old trimmer but, 7 is too long. Not having run in 7 years the gaskets could go bad, diaphram(sp) etc...
    I simply would stand tall with this jackass who sold you that thing. Don't take no for an answer, simply reply that "it's unacceptable". That phrase really gets to people.
  4. metro36

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    I would do the same thing. That unit is way to old. Return it and get a new one from your regular dealer. Don't use that dealer again.:angry:
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    :laugh: Good point. Now, if I could only find someone who had some old pre-stratocharged Red Max stuff......:)
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  7. jazak

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    I do. BC-2600
  8. Grassman6

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    joed, I agree with Jason got a much better trimmer with the KBL26A even though it is several years old. I have been using two 1999 26A's with minimal repairs on 15 yards a day for seven months each season. Swap the pull cord every season and change the carb every three years and you will not be sorry with this unit. Other recommended changes include a Loop Handle from a John Deere XT140 instead of that monster Kaw handle and Stihl string in the head.

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