Reading Landscaper Truck Body


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Barrington, NH
I am thinking of getting rid of my 96 f350 PSD 4x4 Rack dump and buying a 2004 f550. I was wondering if anyone has purchased the Landscaper Body by Reading. I am fancy to rack or stack bed dumps rather than mason dumps. I have searched for hours on end on line to find just the right dump body that will withstand heavy use and the Reading body and Rugby Landscaper bodies are the only industry specific bodies that I have found so far. If anyone has experience with this body or another Landscaper body I would appreciate any information. I would be using a pto hoist and not an electric hoist. Electric is too slow for me.


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We have a Reading body on our 450 right now and honestly you couldn't get me to buy another one. They really are not built all that well.

See if you can find a local truck company that can build one to spec for you...this is what we will probably do next time.

Or check out this company...they make some nice bodies too.


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i have helped install i of the bodies and it is light duty in my opinion the gates seem week
i saw the truck later that year and it was all beat to sh--
maby the owner was abusive?