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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Turf Medic, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. Turf Medic

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    Do any of you read non green industry books and periodicals, Investment, business, sales and management types of material?

    Anyone attend non green industry seminars, such as motivational and sales, ie Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins?

    No reason just curious:D
  2. kris

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    Just finished a "Merit" training course .. geared to the Construction Industry as a whole. I Was the only Landscaper in it.

    Topics included- Performance Evaluation, Communications, Managing,Time,Meeting and Priorities, Scheduling, Training, Productivity, Negotiating and Coaching.
    Most of these modules had Part #1 and 2.

    Felt it was worthwhile.
  3. promower

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    Good question, often times there are 1 day seminars in my area geared towards sales. Becoming a good salesman, how to close etc... I thought about checking one of these seminars out to help close more sales.
  4. NCL

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    I'm reading How to Master the Art of Selling- Tom Hopkins- so far so good, and celebrate marketing secrets of success- edited by rick crandall this is good as well
  5. Team Gopher

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    Hi Kris,

    Is there anything about the seminar you attended that stood out and you could share with us?
  6. greendave

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    Try Been to several of his seminars, am subscribing to his 'Daily Mental Workout' program. Great stuff! This guy is as humorous as he is a great educator. Also look into the E-Myth teachings by Michael Gerber.
    HTH, David
  7. kris

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    All the topics had something useful so if anyone is interested in a particular one I would be glad to participate.

    I suppose the performance evaluation topic sticks out for me right now because I just finished re-writing our Performance Evaluation process. In the past employees have been accessed on 14 tasks. Sodding, Paving Stones, Retaining Walls, Tree and Shrub planting, Mulching, Earthwork, Cleanliness of Site, Cost awareness, Work Sheets, Safety, Site Concept, Crew Management, Equipment (maintenance and handling) and Attitude. They were simply given a rating of 1-5. Thing is…I never gave a 5 and never gave a 1 .

    They also did not have any set standard to which I could evaluate. So…. I have a written standard for each task. Almost a complete step by step job procedure (a job description). It includes what the employee must be able to do, the conditions in which he/she will do it and how he/she must do it. Ratings will now be….. Does not meet Standard. 2. Meets Standard or 3 Exceeds Standard.

    I believe this will help tremendously by improving job quality while meeting production demands, assessing the abilities of new hires and identify training needs. It will also be used for deciding wage changes.

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