Ready to buy a Yanmar - opinions wanted

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by queen of spades, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. queen of spades

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    I am ready to buy a Yanmar and wanted your opinions on which to buy.

    I'm looking at these:

    YM1500D w/ loader and tiller
    YM1701 w/ tiller

    I won't be cutting much if any grass with this.. will use strictly for landscape, gardening and construction work. I need something strong and heavy enough to pull a sub-soiler through hard-baked Georgia red clay without effort.

    Another question is how heavy duty are the loaders (I think the brand is bulldog (?)). I was going to use an AMC RC-30 for an upcoming job - could a yanmar with loader do the same job if I allow extra time? There is a pine tree stump I have to dig out - so the loader would need to be strong enough to dig around and pull out a heavy taproot.

    I have sat on both tractors and the 1500D feels a little cramped. But so does my Sears Suburban SS12 (30+ years old, completely rebuilt but it is just too light for my needs).

    How much weight will the 3- point hitch pick up (for either tractor)? Will it lift a two-bottom plow? Pulverizer? Gannon rollover box blade? My dad's old 8N had issues with lifting heavy attachments.

    I've never owned a diesel anything - how much is required in maintenance?

    I looked at this site and will double check the hour meters.. if 0 or a few hours I will keep shopping.

    Any other sites or guides I want to look at?

  2. hosejockey2002

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    I used to have a Yanmar 1401D and it was a good little machine. The tractors you are looking at are a little larger, but still on the small side for landscape construction work. I never plowed with mine, just used a box scraper. I don't think you will have an issue lifting a two bottom plow but it may be hard to pull. On the loader issue, remember these tractors don't have power steering and it can be very difficult to steer with a full bucket. Also, if you plan on using a loader to dig out a tree stump of any size you will probably be disappointed with the performance.

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