Real Estate Brokers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GrassBlaster, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. GrassBlaster

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    Do or have any of you marketed yourselves to Real Estate companies in your area? How did you market to them, and what did you say?

    How successful was this and how much work did you net from it?

    Thanks for all the past and future help...

  2. Camelot Gardens Uk

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    Appart from my private client list of approx 57 sites, I also work for 4 local Estate Agents here in UK.

    Try getting some work from the Letting Dept if you
    have that in US. Speak to the Letting Manager or Maintenance Manager. I get to maintain regular lots, clean ups when tennants move out, emergency work (fencing).

    I started with lettings, went on to empty houses for sale and also part exchange houses when people buy new ones from builders.

    Income running at approx $2000 per month from this, paid directly into the bank each month.
  3. mtdman

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    I've done some work for real estate companies. I didn't market to them, they just kinda called. It's good work, I suppose, but they get very picky about when and how. They have not been very flexible with schedulings, and often wanted me to drop everything to get something done in time for a showing. I suppose I would do work again for real estate people, but I don't actively seek it.

  4. MacLawnCo

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    if you want commercial work, then yes the right ones can be gold mines. Take for example a local professional building/warehouse leasing company. There are easily over 70 large properties that they lease and need maintained. Get that account and you are golden.
  5. Tomt

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    Good money, but be careful who is paying you- the agent or the home owner. I recently did a cleanup job just prior to a closing. They found termites in the house and had to delay the closing. I was being paid out of closing funds and had to wait until closing.LOL:cool:

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