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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by garylee, May 3, 2001.

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    I am going to get into mowing and doing yard work for a Real Estate Broker that has houses the the owners have moved and they need to be mantained. My question is should I bid by the hour or have a flat rate per property. Some of the houses that i looked at were not to bad of shape and then there is the ones that look like they haven't been mowed this year. My mother used to hire a crew to mantain her properties in Tampa years ago and I know there is a market here for the same type of service. I only sevice 4 accounts this year due to my other job. thanks in advance for any help......Gary lee
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    I would figure out what you need to get price wise for doing these by the job and the ones that haven't been mowed this season yet, I would charge double or tripple, depending on how tall it is and how much work it will take to get them in shape. If it will involve removal of the clippings, figure in a dumping fee if you can't get rid of the clippings on the property.
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    Whatever you do be sure to get your money in advance if at all possible, cause real e3state people are just a step above doctors, lawyers, and fast food chains when it comes to paying.
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    I've done a few of these and it usually needs a double cut and probably a really good trim. And I usually cut again to clean up everything real good. These are one time cuts and I charge at least double. The realtors that know the properties understand the work needed to bring it up..

    Good Luck.. Chris..
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    Thanks Eric. By the way your web site is great. I've shown it to a couple other people that mow. I'm using double blades and it does cut better. I'm thinking about making a stripping kit for my 36" scag. This web site is so helpful. I work as a Process Engineer at nights and mow to relax (no stress). My wife thinks I'm crazy but I really enjoy this line of work. This site is great because you guys help each other out. My other job every thing is always a kept hush hush even between the other plants in our corporation. thanks again for your help....gary lee
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    Make sure you are to be paid by the agent, not the home owner!!! If the home sells between the time you mow and they pay you can kiss that money GOODBYE!

    I would use great caution in this work. You can easily get screwed.
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    garylee, make sure to take before and after pictures incase they think you overcharged on a job. It's cheap and easy insurance and you can use the pics to get more jobs showing what a good job you can do.
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