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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Poncho25, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Poncho25

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    I been thinking about trying to get some more business through real estate companys but don't want to go in there and look a figured I would ask you all. How did you present yourself and what you have to offer to these types of companys?

    Your advice is greatly appreciated!

  2. anj

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    Most Of Them Will Have A Set Fee For What They Will Pay To Have Properties Maintained. Be Careful Some Of Them Will Pay The First Time But Give You The Run Around After That.
  3. tgts2000

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    I have been providing lawn care for Mittelstaedt Brothers Construction for the past 5-6 years and it has worked out very well for the both of us. My advice would be to write them a professional letter telling them what you propose to offer and what you would typically charge. Another idea might be to call first and then fax it over so you know they'll get it unlike snail mail where they might just throw it away assuming it's junk.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    The question is what do YOU have to offer.
    And why does the customer want it??
    And who is your customer,

    In real estate there are 2 types of customers the agent and the property manager,
    The property manager is the easy sell as he was hired to hire guys to take care of the property (Like you)
    A lot of guys here feel that the PM is trying to cut the cost as much as possible- I don't buy that as the true job is to RENT the property and Protect the Value.
    You have to prove that you are there to help him do his job.

    The agent works to put commission dollars in his pocket. That is all he cares about. What does he need to do that. Better looking properties in his inventory. --While sitting at a listing presentation, the ability to offer the service of a complete landscape make over to show as well as possible. Or the link to the man that can keep the absent homeowner's property looking well maintained while it is listed. -- You need to be able to sell the fact that you will work to help the Realtor to get more and bigger commissions.
    Also most GOOD Realtors are to busy to cut their own grass. sell to that also.

    Here is the reason a lot of LCO will say that real estate agents are bad payers or cheap-- Most agents are very poor. and do not know their job or are not too good at it. As in any field-- (including LCO)-- 80% are going broke. Only about 10 - 20% are doing the job right and making any real money-- and they know how to keep a vendor list to provide the top service to their clients. Those are the only agents you need to go after.
  5. tgts2000

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    I somewhat disagree, the agent has little interest in the lawn care and I have never heard of a case where the agent would pay for it to be cared for. The land they are working and trying to sell is OWNED by the said company, although the agent is trying to sell the house as a whole it would be very rare for them to pay to have it mowed etc. I work for a Mittelstaedt that has multiple lawns with multiple agents, Mittelstaedt cuts the checks!

    Edit: I am talking about new construction..
  6. rustyb265

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    I just did two lawns and quick clean-ups for a real estate company. They are trying to sell these houses for the owners. I sent a letter to them earlier in the season saying what I do. They called me, they paid my price, and they paid quickly. No regrets here.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Never said the agent would pay (though some have) They are your lead to the work, Sure the homeowner pays but the agents tell him what to do and WHY ( to get top dollar) just as he recommends a painter to repaint the walls or a carpet guy to make nice floors or a Handy man to do the repairs before/after an inspection. and again read the last part-- The best agents are the ones that care
  8. Freddy_Kruger

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    ONe of my customers is a real estate agent and she give me work. Window cleaning though.

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