'Real Estate Pros', hire unsafe workers...

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by mattfromNY, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. mattfromNY

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    Anyone catch the latest (I think) episode of 'Real Estate Pros' on TLC channel? I was watching the other night, they hired a tree cutting service, showed all the fancy equipment on the tv and all. The guy doing the tree cutting had only a pair of sunglasses on, no hard hat or ear protection, no chaps, out there running a chainsaw. He was standing next to the tree, dropping limbs all over the place, and not pulling them away from the work area. Then, they tie a rope from a skidsteer to the tree, notch the tree and drop it in the yard. If he had to run for some reason, he couldn't b/c he had tree limbs all around his feet and legs. Another thing, they never moved any of the cars out of the driveway, and dropped the tree right next to them. I know we've all done dumb things, or hurried a job, but to show unsafe practices on national tv makes us all look like bubbas out there hacking stuff up! :hammerhead: But then again, its the same show that made light of the home buyer guy dumping a 5 gallon pail of chlorine tablets into a pool, then reading the directions that read 'No more than one tablet per treatment'. :dizzy: :dizzy:
  2. TriPLandscaping

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    I know exactly what you are talkin about. I whatched the whole marathon. Ya i was wondering if any of the limbs were going to drop on the bmw that was on the drive way. One of the branches almost hit richard davis. On another episode one of the landscapers was just radomly hedge trimming w/ shears. It looked like he was attacking the shrub. After all that going on Richard is still a guy Look up to.
  3. KTO Enterprises

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    That show is stupid. I have a friend in Ridgeville, about 30 minutes from Charleston that also buys and flips houses, and he was telling me that there is no way that he is getting work done for the prices that the show states. All Richard Davis has done is sold a show to TLC.

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    all of those shows make people think u can buy a house and flip it in a few weeks till they find out u need permits and inspections and that all takes time lots of time lol
    now they have shows of the flops that dont make it :)
  5. Matts lawn care

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    I think i saw this one. is this the one where he threw a hole bucket of pool chemicals into the nasty pool?
  6. KTO Enterprises

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    Just about every realtor I know, not all but most are only concerned with price. I have never had one ask me how good of a lob can you do, just "how much is this going to cost me"
  7. SkyLawncare

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    I used to sell Real Estate. What kills me is how they ALWAYS manage to magically sell the house on the first open house. Amazing!

    I saw that one with the pool chemicals too, what an idiot! lol.
  8. old oak lawn

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    I have seen the show also. Have you seen their landscaper/ what a hack. shows up late does not know what he is doing has no shirt on most of the time.makes us all look bad
  9. TriPLandscaping

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    Ya what i dont understand is how he has such succesful company while seeming like he knows squat and just contracts what needs to be done. He doesnt use the same landscaper. But they are all pretty bad and should be ashamed showing up late, scruby on national tv.
  10. huh

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    first everyone of you is forgetting that if someone shot video of you for 8-10 hours a day from 3 different camera angles they would have 150 hours of footage to choose from to get the one hour for the show....for just ONE person for a week

    then add in that each show is filmed over weeks for just one episode and it adds up to HUGE amounts of tape to weed through to get an hour

    so they can edit that footage week in and week out to make any point they want

    from everything I have seen Richard and his company seam legit and long term....if they are really just a house of cards then there will probably be a time very soon that it all folds since real estate is not appreciating right now and most areas especially on the coast are "flipped out"

    also if you listen closely to some of the things he says you will see that he is not always putting much if any of his actual cash on the line on some deals....there was one show where he stated he was going to the "well" or whatever he called it and he described them as old money people that he works with from time to time that can front up 75,000 - 100,000K for a short term with a decent return from Richard

    he especially works with VERY short term financing and if you watch some shows there are times he goes without permits ect. and just does it (and gets caught a couple of times)....but the facts are as I can see it from living in many small towns and big cities is that when you are clearly doing something to better the area or the neighborhood and your work is done right inspectors ect. will give you a small fine if any and you pay it and move on.....the city is happy they got a fine, and they "enforced the rules", and they got a pain in the A turned into an asset......cities spend a TON of time working the same crappy properties over and over and over....so when the chance comes to get one gone they help the situation.....also the show does not show the hours of time pions are going around and getting permits or making calls ect.

    plus from what I have seen on internet rumors Richards wife is a very successful doctor so even if things sour for him she is doing well for both of them

    I think he is funny and I loved the shotgun and beer stakeout for the thiefs and he seams to do good work and treat people fair like the show when he was getting new home builders to do the remodel and they jacked the bill way up.....they all sat down like adults and walked away with a deal

    so far I have seen nothing to not like about him and can find no fault in his work or his business....not that I look that hard, but I do follow the show

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