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    I just got a letter from Real Green Systems which we use. We paid the technical support fee for the first year $800 for about 30 minutes of support. I cancelled that support because I know how to use the system and we are a small company that can't justify paying that much. We have bought lawn bags and invoices from them on multiple occasions providing them money. The booklet I had which is a year old isn't up to date as I learned last time when I re-ordered invoices. I was told it was the first time in 10 years they raised prices but for me since I've only used it for a year have seen a steep increase in their printing costs. They apparently own the market and know it so raising costs left me no choice but to pay up. After getting this letter I am now looking into other software because I can't support a company that is no longer in my favor. I have met the owner at a Marketing seminar, which was free, and he was a cool guy and I appreciated that but having gotten this letter, my business partner and I are over it. Also, when I bought the system I did not know that when you hit 250 customers I would have to pay $2500. That would have been nice to know at the time. According to the letter attached, if we do not sign up for tech support (which should in my mind be free always) by a date in a couple months, if we have any technical support questions we will have to pay a back fee for the months we didn't buy the tech support. So assuming I have a question about their software and how to use it 2 years from now it will cost me $1600 no matter how small the issue is. This is unacceptable to me so I thought I would inform potential or current customers of what they are getting into. I have attached the letter they sent me. Maybe I am off base but this seems to alienate customers who have paid them for their software (a decent amount of money) and potential customers. If I am off base please reply and let me know where I am going wrong.
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    Wow, I was looking into real green. this sounds steep. like way out of my budget. I thought if I bought the system I would get tech support. that's a lot of money to call and ask a few question.

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    I am currently trying to attach the file and having problem with the jpeg but anyone using real green who doesnt have a subscription to tech support may not get the letter. If someone can find a way to upload an image of the letter I would appreciate it.
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    call tech support and see if they can help you upload the image, while you still have it:cool2:

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    If you want to see the letter they sent me message me and I will send you an e-mail with the attached picture of the letter sent.

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    personally message me and I will email you from my personal account the image of the letter we were sent. I'm not wasting my time on here other than to educate people in OUR industry.
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    GALAWN >> thanks very much for your input. I too agree. Real Green wanted several thousands of dollars for me to sign up a few years ago. But we already had a high quality accounting software system, so all we needed was to route our stops. Real Green was a ripoff then, and they are certainly a ripoff now. Especially with improvements in software technology at a much lower cost.

    Good luck my friend, and ditch them a.s.a.p. imo
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    What happened, did they get bought out by Constellation Software out of Canada?

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    There fees are stupid, and over priced! I have the software and agree! Each thing you add comes with a extra tech fee! I love the software but get sick of the fees! I've paid thousands to them! There software has helped a lot though!
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    open your pic with microsoft picture manager and edit and down size it for documents

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