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    Alright, from those who have LA III, what does the ACTUAL cost of the program, plus needed yearly maint fees/upgrades really cost? Seams as if there are a lot of "add ons" & not all inclusive??? How much of their forms do you have to buy, or can you print invoices, etc. without them?
    Just trying to get the "no bull" real story on this. :dizzy:

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    Ive been using LA for years. From LA2 to LA3 about 4 years ago. This thread lists their prices...

    I'm not sure about the "add ons" except the Map Assist, but I don't use that. Their forms(invoices, statements, prepay letters, etc are fairly reasonable, i think invoices are less than $50 per 500). You can't really use other forms unless you had a printer design some "blank" forms similar to theirs, but by the time is all said and done you don't really save much. Plus they have multiple colors, so rounds are easily distinguishable.

    I don't like the $180 per quarter fee you have to pay, but it is what it is.

    As far as the software, its FANTASTIC. All the problems with LA2 are now fixed. Ive never used any other software so I cant compare them, but from what I hear it is the best, and I guess that's why its drastically higher priced than others.

    Their tech support is a pain, if you do need them you usually have a long hold time or someone will call you back. The problem with that is, if you're calling tech support, you need the answer at that point, not later in the day. I usually figure it out before they call back. However I only needed to call them twice.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have had LA3 2 years and use Map Assistant. I cannot imagine spending the money without it. The Map assistant is one of the coolest parts of the software. It is well worth it if you have alot of customers. (over 400) The support is what it is. I have never had support I can speak to rate away, except for Dell, and I will take a return call any day over that. I did have another low price program for 2 years that was terrible. The $ invested in nothing compared to the time. I would recommend spending your time on something that you can live with.

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