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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Pamcakes38, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Pamcakes38

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    I wanted the opinion on any users or past users of the measuring assistant and mobile assistant that real green offers. And if anyone is using software that does anything like the two they like better. Thanks!
  2. Efficiency

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    we have been long time users of goilawn on a pay for transaction basis. This past december, we also added an unlimited license but before we went with goilawn, we also demoed the measurement assistant.

    Heres my take: if you are strictly lawn apps, meas assis is likely the better choice as its integration into SA is so much better. Its really cool how you can store the images on the meas assis into the cust docs area of SA and use those images for marketing. The reason we went with goilawn is that we do a lot of measuring for commercial properties and we find that goilawn is much better suited for that with counting and linear distance tools (that meas ass lacked at the time).

    They used to allow you a demo for a month or so of the mobile assistant. Press them into that if they dont.

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