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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by TSM, May 5, 2004.

  1. TSM

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    been using Real Green's Lawn Assistant 3 for some time (we started with Lawn Assistant 2 and upgraded to 3 about 2-3 years ago)

    Anyway this season we sarted to offer the instalment payment plan (we set up a 10 month payment plan- first payment was due in Feb and last will be due in Nov)

    Heres my concern......the instalment payments do not show up on the main customer other words the customer balance, which should be a credit at this point, we've recieved 3 payments and have only applied one application, is not showing a credit balance but rather a remit balance. When we check on the customer history we can see all their payments are current but that info is not being forwarded to the main screen. And statements are showing a remit balance when they have a credit balance.
    Soo, we must be doing something wrong. We dont subscribe to Real Greens updates/tech support.Our last update was on 12/20/02. when we need tech support, which we havnt needed in at least 2 years, we pay them their per minute charge...last time we called it was $2.50 per minute with a $25 minimum. Now I aint tryin to be cheap, but if you have called them you know you'll be put on hold for awhile then they will come back and tell you all techs are busy and they will call back.....but I cant sit around waiting for them, so I'm tryin you folks for suport first!

  2. Lawn Care Louie

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    TSM. this time of year, their tech support is almost immediate. Wintertime is another story (everybody doing year-end stuff, I guess).
  3. TSM

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    Lawn Louie, appreciate your response.
    But.....i really dont care what time of season...when you need help you need help and to say 'we're busy' just dont cut it with me.

    we are a seasonal business, we know that in the spring we are overwhelmed with inquiries, trying to keep up with existing customers and dealing with all the stuff that goes on in spring, so we gear up for the rush, we make sure we are man-ed for that time of season. Its all about customer service, we know if we keep a customer waiting to long for a returned phone call,,,they are gone!

    Of course software companies know they have you where you dont want to be...under their mercy. With a substantial investment in software that realgreen demands...they know trhey can get away with the less than emediate response time.

    Anyway...blah blah blah :)

    we solved are problem ourselves
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    Thanks for that insight. I never think of tech support. Hearing that it is a pain in the arse makes me feel better about the direction I am headed.....

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