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    I hate parking in driveways.

    Ever had Mr. come home in a bad mood when you got the drive blocked?

    Worse yet, ever have the Mrs. come home with babies and groceries in the car to find out her drive is can be UGLY.

    Sometimes there is not an option but I always try to park on street.
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    Wondering if anyone can help, we bought real green software about 6 months ago and now that's its off season we're trying to use it to our full advantage... although it is confusing, and not always user friendly .. if anyone has any input on how you were able to get real green up and running to its full advantage it would be greatly appreciated. Also we are not just a lawn care company, we are small but we do however offer all service from lawn maintenance to lawn care programs. Anyone who is a small landscaping company who uses REAL GREEN SOFTWARE, your input would be appreciated, thank you
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    Terry Y doesnt work in support any longer but next to Peter and Joe O, shes the best support they have. The unfortunate reality is that you just need experience using it to get proficient. Make a list of what you need help on and get a support call into them.
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    I'm seriously looking at Real Green. What modules do you have?
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    I went to the GIE expo last fall and watched Real Green's sales pitch. I decided to purchase it because it had MANY more features than that software I was currently using, QXpress. I was mainly interested in the geocoded routing, Mobile Live, and it's marketing features. So I plopped down $1200, confident and excited about this software.

    My company's core services are mowing, lawn treatments, landscape maintenance, overseeding, aeration, fall/spring cleanup, and snow removal.

    After our initial four days of remote training, we began the VERY TEDIOUS data entry for all our customers and setting up their services. If you use Quickbooks, it will import all the customers, then you have to set all their services up manually. In the long run, not a big deal, but you definitely don't want to be making the change during your busy season. We came across many issues that we had to call tech support about, and they were all more or less resolved. Most of our problems were rooted in the fact that it has about a billion different settings and options that all have to be set up properly for it to work right. There's so much potential for mistakes when setting up customers and services.
    There are many things that I like and dislike about Real Green. But after about a month, I came to the sad realization that this program was not for us. Here are some of the major pros and cons:

    -Mapping assistant is great for routing spray trucks that need to pull up with the passenger side facing the curb.

    -Mapping assistant will optimize the route, and your can easily "lasso" or "grab"customers on a map to add to the route.

    -Marketing. One of the features I really like is that you can insert a measurement or unit into a customer, and it will automatically generate a price for various services based on that. Then it will place an upsell message on their bills for additional services that they aren't signed up for.

    -Pre-pay letters are easy to generate and mail out. It automatically discounts the customers services, shows them their savings, and shows the new amount due.

    -Mobile live is great for crew efficiency, and helps with job costing. You can also adjust their route from the office on the fly.

    -Technical support is great, and it's unlimited with your monthly subscription. Response time is good.

    -TEDIOUS!! No two ways around it. Case in point: If you send out five mow crews and a fert tech that have a total of 130 jobs for the day, and they get rained out after only completing 30 of them, you have to open up 100 customers individually and reset their status in order to have them available for the next day. And each one takes longer than it should. I have enough stuff to do and don't need to spend 45 minutes doing something that should take 30 seconds. That's just one example.

    -Mapping assistant ONLY optimizes routes to have the passenger side pull up to the curb. So if your mowing crew is servicing two houses on opposite sides of the road, it will tell them to make a U turn to get to the other house.

    -The upsell feature on bills only works when you have some sort of measurement. But you can only assign one type of measurement to each customer. So our mowing, apps, aeration, and seeding is based on sq. ft. But our perimeter pest control is based on linear feet, and some services are priced by man hour like shrub trimming or leaf removal. Other services are based on quantity, like mulch installation. So basically any service that isn't based on sq ft cannot be included as an upsell on bills. To me, that's a major let down and restricts the usefulness of that feature.

    -Their Mobile Live includes tablets in the trucks for effiency, but it shows the price of each job on the screen, with no way to turn it off. That means that ALL of my employees know exactly how much I charge. Most of my employees don't know the costs involved with running a business. When they see that I'm billing a job $100, and paying them $15, they simply think I'm not paying them enough. Not only would that build major resentment, but they can also take that info with them whenever they decide to work for a competitor.

    -It was originally designed as a lawn treatment software. For treatment companies only, it would be much better than for multi-service companies.

    -Price. $1200 to get started, then a minimum of $125 per month. Each truck that runs with a tablet is another $50/month, and additional users start at and additional $95/month. I forget how much the customer portal is(if you want to let your customers access their account to pay bills and sign up for services online), but it's not cheap either.

    -The biggest con of all is that fact that if you decide to test the waters with Real Green, and you find out it's not what you expected, you just pissed away $1200. They don't offer a satisfaction guarantee of any sort. I asked for a partial refund and they basically told me there was no way that would happen.

    I was originally very excited about Real Green, but after using it, it was a let down. Many of the features I was interested in just didn't work the way I expected them to.

    Since cancelling Real Green, I've signed up with Service Auto Pilot. I like it WAY better because it's much more user friendly. It also has the mapping tool and runs the tablets in the trucks. It has a lot of the features that RG has, but its fundamentally better designed. Price is way better too. $100 initial set up fee, then $75/month for first user. Each additional user is $15/month, and each truck tablet is $15/month. If you want a customer portal so your customers can access their account and pay bills, it's $20/month. Only downside is they don't have the same marketing features as RG. However, I do know that they are currently working on adding those features in the near future.

    I think Service Autopilot is a software for that will only get better in the future, and RG is in need of an overhaul if it wants to compete better in the years to come.

    By the way, I am in no way affiliated with Service Autopilot, other than the fact that I'm using their software to run my business.
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    A number of the cons you listed like rescheduling can be done a few different ways thru automatic utilities they have. I've been asking to turn off the price visibility for almost a year now on mobile live. Maybe one day soon...
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    I could see it being difficult running multi service out if it but for lawn treatment companies its a no far as pricing on tablets do your guys not see the pricing on paper invoices?
  8. Efficiency

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    Apps that's no problem. It's the mowing and maintenance jobs that are billed monthly that need pricing to be hidden.
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    If you're not running your mowing or maintenance crews with mobile live, then you can print lists that do not show pricing. But the app tech has to leave legal info on the door. That print out shows the pricing too. I'm not as concerned about my app techs seeing prices, but I would still prefer if they didn't.

    Also, if you're running tabs in the maintenance trucks, I could not find an easy way to look down the list to check tech notes.

    There was not one deal breaker I found with RG, but the multitude of repugnant aspects of it is was what did it for me.
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    Having RG installed at the end of the month. Been hemming and hawing for 2 years. With the lowered up front cost on the cloud version I finally made the move.

    I'm hoping it works the way the research I have done says it will.

    We are apps only so I'm guessing that's half the battle with some of the issues posted here.

    Looking forward to doing away with the hours I spend with word and excel scheduling etc.
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