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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CCLAWN, Jan 18, 2003.


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    How many of you use the Real Green software? I have had 4 yrs experience with it with other businesses. Just went out on my own and have purchased the multi user system for a healthy price. I do know all of its capabilities, but was wondering how many people utilize it to its fullest is its marketing abilities paying off?:dizzy:
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    Good Luck!

    1.) Very few on this forum use this software. For most of the guys here, RGS LAIII is far more sophticated than their needs. (and in some cases, ability)

    2.) "To it's fullest"? Are you kidding? That programs does SO many things, even if you DID use it to it's fullest, 2 weeks later it has improved capabilities.

    In a nutshell, if you're serious about building a quality application business, it's a must have program and the marketing capabilites are unmatched and invaluable.

    PS: I assume you bought the Mapping as well.

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    Mapping will be utilized in a few years, but not now. I bet I spend less than 24 hrs a year re mapping and inputting data. At that rate, it would take 10yrs to pay for itself. We will get it when cash flow is good, but not at this point. Down the road it will be used, but not now. goal is to be at 1 to 1.5mm in revenue within 5 yrs. Easily achieveable with proper marketing and focusing on quality first. Tough but can be done in the transition zone.
  4. The $5k entry price has kept me from purchacing it.

    PS where you from in St. Louis?

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    Actually, $4800 for single user and $7200 for multi user. we went with the later of the two. This program will do it all from maintenance to chem apps to veg control to irrigation.....Also special jobs and annual aeration lime etc. The reports for tracking are well worth it.

    We are on the east side only. Office is in bethalto and collinsville:blob2:
  6. f350

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    i had a sit down with val at their office. we walked through every aspect of the program and to say the very least it's amazing.
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    we use LA3, had used and was very familiar with LA2, upgraded about this time last year.

    We do not use it to its fullest capacities, least not yet.

    We have been very successful in marketing our established customers with up sells. We just recently mailed out our renewal form/with upsell offer and the phone has been quite active. Actually, many customers dont even bother to call, they just send in their prepayment with the upsell included.

    Also have used the invoices to upsell, also works quite well with very little effort. The cut and paste ability works great. The old saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' its also worth a whole lot of upsells!

    Business is good, we have been holding back on growth...most likely next year we will begin to market ourselves. We'll use their postcards for direct mailing...may even use their telemarketing service (we'll see)

    Anyway, LA3 is the best software out there. I do have a problem with tech support from Real Green though. We have had to wait as long as 6 hrs. for them to return our call only to be told they need to bring it up with a programer and none available, so we wait another 24 hrs. I also feel they should work a stagered shift? Wouldnt it be nice to be able to call at 6:30pm and have somebody there to take call?? But, I feel ALL software companies are the same as far as support goes. Once they get the big bucks from your then become their prisoner.

    We dont use the mapping either at this point, however it is a great tool. Like yourself, I can route out easily enough with very little time, So the extra $1500 plus the monthly fee (hmmm $35 i think) not a real value at this point.
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    I have to agree with KLR. LA III is by far the best program out there for our business, but there tech. support leaves much to be desired. I've played with this program so much & mastered it that we rarely have to call them. $150/month flushed down the toilet. But without support, you wont receive updates. I have to give Real Green credit though, LA III is a huge improvement from LA II. I've utilized most of the program. Postcards, upseling, marketing database, reports, you name it. I'm still fnding some bugs in the program that I'm sure they will correct.

  9. KLR

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    we were being billed $195 for tech support and upgrades, quarterly. Thats $780 per year. We dropped that program.

    We buy there upgrades quaterly for $150. Thats $600 per year.

    They charge us $2.50 per minute for tech support (10 minute minimum) We dont call them often, so i feel we're better off this way. (down side, we cant down load upgrades from their web site, we have to wait till they send CD)

    Now a quick story, our last web site down load was in Oct. In late Dec. we want to print our renewal forms....cant....get error. So i called them.....they tell me the download we did in Oct had a bug, they were aware of the problem. Programer tells me i need to purchase the latest upgrade for $150 (we wernt due for our quarterly CD till Feb) I ask the guy 'you serious, you think i should pay extra $150 for you to fix the problem you caused thru your web site???'

    make a long story short, they ended up sending me the CD no charge, but then i get a bill of $57 for the time i spent on the phone with them. LOL

    I talked with Peter, he agreed to credit my account.

    Took several days for us to be able to print our renewals and that ticked me off, and their attitude of 'well we're busy this time of year' also ticked me off....but we're all set now....but i did feel like a prisoner
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    Wait until you use it. I wasn't going to buy it either, but now that we have it... oh, my!

    It's gotta be the CHEAPEST $1500 you'll ever spend. The AUTOMATIC estimate, loose work, missed services, etc. feature ALONE pays for itself week 1.

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