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    Went to the free Real Green Systems marketing seminar today in Atlanta. Was expecting it to be a long up-sell sales pitch, but I was wrong. Very glad I went, very useful information learned. I'd suggest to anyone who uses Service Assistant to go to one of these if they are in your town. When I was trained on SA I forgot a lot of the important things they went over with the software, mainly the importance of utilizing the software with the leads and marketing aspects. I'm not easily impressed with companies but figured I'd give a shout out to them for leaving me glad that I attended. And no this isn't a sponsor generated thread. I know if I read this I that would be the first thing I thought.

    Anyone been to the user conference? Thinking of attending.
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    Call me I will get you signed up for the Users Conference - it is in January in Orlando.
    800 422 7478 ext 172

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