Real, honest, and detailed field test of the Quick 36.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dependable Mowing, Apr 24, 2006.

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    I just got in from my first day out using the Quick 36 on the normal routes. Before I say anything about the mower, I want to let you all know that our business has been family owned for 25 years. I have personally spent many hours over the years (not just demoed) on Belt Drive pistol grip WBs, Hydro pistol grip WBs, Toro belt T-bars, Kubotas, and Lazers. We have accounts ranging from postage stamp yards to 10+ acre commercial facilities and horse farms. I'm just letting you all know that there is some credibility in my experience and what I say. We didn't purchase this mower expecting it to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. We just wanted something that was smaller and lighter than most 36s, for a few special things. Today, though, I really ran the thing through some stuff, just to kinda see what it would do.

    First Impressions:
    Likes - Variable Hydro w/ Instant Reverse
    High blade speed
    Very easy to handle on flat ground.
    Strongly built

    Dislikes - 13 hp B&S Engine has a lot of vibration, is loud, and is barely underpowered, but that's not all better's fault. They have better engine choices.
    Foam rubber handle grip slipped off while mowing, causing loss of control for a second.

    The deck on this mower clogged up easliy when mowing slightly thick and wet grass....much easier than the exmark or toro decks. Because of this, the cut quality suffered. In dry shorter grass, the cut was great.

    The mower was hard to handle on hills, unless you mowed up and down the hill, and then it still took some muscle to turn the mower. I took it on one fairly steep large bank, and it was almost useless. Only 1 wheel would sit there and spin, unless it even weight on both drive wheels. It's hard to explain, but if there was more weight above the drive wheels, it would greatly improve the traction on hills. The gas tank was also full, but this didn't really make a difference. Trust me, even a pistol grip belt drive will handle much better on a steep slope. I know because I've used both of them. This mower, however, is a pleasure to handle on flat ground.

    Since the Quick 36 is a direct drive to the tires, it doesn't run away when trying to go down hill. This is a plus.

    All in all, I'm happy with the purchase, and I wasn't expecting it to handle like the Toro T-bars we use on hills. It is a great mower for some situations, but don't expect it to replace a larger full size walk-behind....even the belt drives.

    I figured that this might help some of you all out. I used this mower a lot, so if there is anything I left out, or that you want to know, let me know.
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    LOL! I think we posted at the same time, my thread was asking about all the things you are talking about! What a coincidence....thanks!:laugh:
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    I have the Quick 36 Superduty. I bought this mower to repolace the 21" Lawnboy for gated yards. The 16 B&S does a great job, it is a little loud, but I wear headphones anyway. I have no problem side dischargig, and bagging with the catcher. The mulch plate isn't the thing to use right now anyway, at least until the spring growth slows a bit. The catcher does an awsome job. This mower is great forwhat I bought it for. If you have alot of flat postage stamp yards you may want to consider this mower. Alot of bang for your buck. Just my.02
    The guys at B.O.P. are great to deal with.

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