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  1. Toy2

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    Hey folks, had to break down and get a real job, weekly customers went to every two weeks, every two week customers went to once a month....anyway long story short, real job, real bennies.....30 days and all insurance kicks in, short, long, disability, dental, vision, etc........3 weeks paid time off the first of the year.....I pushed my mowing to the evenings and weekends....don't want to lose my customers.....its sad, but had to be done....wish everyone the best.... :D
  2. Bulletproof

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    No shame in that. Good luck with the new job! payup
  3. lawnmaniac883

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    Least you still make money on the side cutting grass.
  4. olderthandirt

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    You do what you have to do. Nothing to be ashamed of and in fact congrats for being a man and getting a job instead of sitting around whinning about how tough things are.
    Best of Luck to you
  5. befnme

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    hey ya gotta do what ya gotta do to make ends meet.i just hope the guys on here dont start callin you a part time scrub or lowballer or something like that you know how they are.good luck.
  6. skurkp

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    I work for stewart & stevenson as a facilities maintenance leadman, I do this four days per week and mow on the weekends. This is not always easy with how mother nature does not always want me to mow on the weekends, but it pays the bills. I can tell you that the customers will continue coming, maybe not very fast but they will come and your business will pick up, then the hard decision comes, to take on more customers or not? Good luck to you. How was the weather there? I am located on the west side of houston and really got nothing, thank the Lord.

    Besides I say that I work for Stewart and Stevenson as a hobby and mow for a living.
  7. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Hey nothing wrong with that at all and Ive came close to it twice this season and it still may happen. You do what you gotta do to pay the bills.
  8. eyes&earsopen

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    Hey I'm a newbie with only a few customers, but these are the threads that keep me level headed. I work for a major automotive company in their parts division, but I would like to leave for good. However, the more I read on here the more I see that I can't go anywhere and make things work how I need them to. But those couple of hours that I do work for me are great! It makes getting into this arena comfortable, but I am not too stressed if things don't work out for me short term.
  9. eyes&earsopen

    eyes&earsopen LawnSite Member
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    Furthermore, while networking with some full time guys at my dealership I learned that most of the "big boys" in my area are part-time. So quickly I just had to realize that I can't start sky larking at my real job, and that bought me back to reality. Damn, things were starting to look so good. Now I have to revise my strategy, and make some better decisions.
  10. goodgreen

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    I'm glad people on here offer honest assessments of their situation. I've been part-time in my lawn care business for over 5 years. But lately, my regular sales job has taken a nose dive because so many of my customers are automotive related suppliers (Michigan). I would quit my regular job today for lawn work, but it's so hard to give up the medical benefits, vacation time, etc. What it's starting to come down to is doing what I love. And I love working outside everyday. I will keep reading posts here to help with any ultimate decision. Probably will wait until next spring though before I make a move to full time.

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