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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Smallaxe, Jan 17, 2011.

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    Messages: 5,121 I have the 100sp.
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    I probably could, but I like to be on the property to gauge how things look, and it gives me an opportunity to upsell other services. It seems that offering an organic program really puts a lawn under the microscope....literally and figuritively! So I want to make sure that I can get any weed issues ASAP. I am planning on having a few 5 gal. buckets with 'post and a few different bags of seed with me at all times so I can pop a weed out and throw down 'post and seed. We are usually cool enough all year with enough rain so that it will work even in July.

    If they have a mowing service, usually not mulched. If it is the homeowner, they usually do what I advise and mulch. Most of my customers have a service though. It is this reason that I am considering offering a complete landscape maintenance service including mowing, beds, spring/fall clean ups etc.
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    You have the best stuff on the planet of in Albuquerque, NM - check out - Company called Mesa Verde - Joel and Bruce Reid. Tell them James from KY sent you. This stuff will buffer the salts big time and is totally what your soil is lacking. Another product that for sure works is also out of NM called Soil Secrets - Dr Melendrez is a genius - lots of paper and pics on his site about how salty soils have been totally remediated with SS cultured humus and mycorrhizae.
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    I am a Walker user and also know the Ohio distributor personally so I can tell you for sure there is no attachment for topdressing. Topdressers range from small push spreaders to machines like the one phasthound referenced on up to large tow-behinds such as they use on golf courses. Excuse me if you know all of that.
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    Our opportunity to mulch lawns is limited here because of the climate. In the summer I have been told it is just too hot and dry for the for the microbes needed to break down the lawn on the surface of the ground. We mulch the lawns in a brief period from about now-late April

    There is lots of compost available. Our soil is mostly heavy clay here in the Phoenix area. If you get up on a mountain side or just at the base of one you run into a lot of decomposing granite as a soil base and it flushes like a toilet. You can run water 24-7 and never see it puddle. We also have caliche layers/pockets that are very hard and they don't let water penetrate so they cause problems too.
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    So your grass clippings become mummified too. Sounds like you guys really got a challenge for turf.
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    Not following this line of thought, especially considering temperatures compost piles will reach. One might also think if it is too hot and dry for decomposition to occur, then it would also be too hot and dry for turf to grow.
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    I was thinking the same thing.
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    Kiril & JD thinking the same thing?!?!?!?!?

    Be afraid, be very afraid. :)
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    I think that if you put each in the "proverbial" sound-proof booth and asked a series of questions, there would be plenty they would agree on. But they wouldn't have any fun that way.

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