Realistic to leave my job

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TwoGuyswithMowers, Jul 5, 2014.

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    Given this some more thought. Yes this biz has an easier entry than many others but if I had to do this all over again...find an entirely different line of work with much higher profit margins and/or less capital expense.

    Seriously if you don't enjoy the mowing side that much but can't wait to get on QuickBooks... I'd advise steer clear of this work or hire people to do what you don't have a passion for.

    If I could have a significant other waiting at the door ready to grab my log book at the end of the day and handling most of my paper work while I get stuck with the actual work you don't like...I'd be in heaven.
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    i support stiener post. read it then re read it
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    As a former small business columnist I say never quit your job till you have saved six months' living expenses PLUS operating expenses. Honestly, nobody does that. Nobody. But at least get living expenses.
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    Let me put it nicely, stay at your job and never think about leaving it to start a lawn business again. You don't "love" lawn mowing but love the idea of running your own business... Ok so why would you leave your "secure" job when u have a family and could possibly go bust? You obviously do lawns on the side for extra cash, not for the love of the industry.
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  5. TPendagast

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    can't you just sell stuff on Ebay or do other things the qualify as zoning your own business?
  6. TwoGuyswithMowers

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    No, I like cutting grass. I don't love it... How many of you just truly love being outside cutting someone else's grass?
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    This business in My Passion, as well as my second Lawn Business.

    If I didn't enjoy it I would NOT do it.

    Seriously if your interested PM me and Ill give you my phone #. I think your simply burned out on your regular job.
  8. TPendagast

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    Ill agree here.

    No one does this for very long who does really really want to do it.

    It's not something you don't see someone stick with for a long long time who doesn't love it.

    That's why there are so many flyby nights.
    They get into it because it's easy entry and they watch stuff on youtube like lawn care millionaire, they go "YES! Easy entry! Lots of Money! Im going to be so rich!"
    Two years later (and in some cases that very same summer) they are gone! That's why.
  9. TPendagast

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    think about all this for a minute.

    a lawn care company needs 30-100 properties to "be in business"

    In a community that has 10,000 properties 75% of them that need mowing and about 50% of them that hire someone to do it
    That's 3,750 potential customers.

    There will be a few big companies swallowing up about 1200 of those potentials.

    and a several medium sized companies consuming another 1200

    Leaving 1,350 potential customers "up for grabs"

    That leaves "room" for 12 or 13 small guys… that's it really.

    but theres only 10 real small guys and 30 'pretenders' just there taking a whiz in everyone soup, solely for the reasons 1) they're jealous someone has something and they want their "share" of "easy work" and 2) they think in their minds there are 3,750 customers out there and they can get them all with their "good ideas" and their pinto!

    What they don't realize is everyone already HAD those ideas, 2/3 of them don't work and 1/3 are so commonly used they are pretty much thought of as being 'industry standard'

    But the pretenders see the 2/3 of ideas not being used and think they are revolutionary and all the other guys already in business are SO stupid because they can't see what is "Obviously" how things are supposed to work.

    What's happening here? The pretender is thinking like a customer, NOT an operator.

    Customers think you should come cut their grass when it isn't raining, you know, that window between 2-4 on saturday when you clearly should have been there?

    Yea…pretenders think like that.

    Or they look at a company with 8 crews and find a few properties where someone missed some weed whacking and jump up and down about how their quality is so much better.
    then they bid on that property, and get it, because they have no idea what it really takes and how much dependable equipment costs, or understand what to do.
    and they spend ALL their time on that ONE property (you know the one that takes the three man crew to do?)
    then they realize they can't keep their business afloat with ALL their time on this one property because it's not enough income…and then…

    they're gone…

    and their 3 residential customers say to the next big dog "the last guy came between 2-4 on saturday when it wasn't raining and only charged $30"

    Stop thinking like a customer, learn the business and then the 30 pretenders per town will find something else to do, when they realize the entry into this business only LOOKS easy.
  10. TML

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    I do love it, love getting up early working on my equipment. I wish I started my own business earlier in life and quit my previous job sooner. As stupid as it seems Love mowing and gardening on quality lawns and properties. Looking back I wish I never took a break from this industry. Ask me in 5-10 years who knows Ill probably have a different answer.
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