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  1. Skipster

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    Did anyone see the episode of Undercover Boss last year when the CEO of The Grounds Guys parent company (The Dwyer Group) worked with their crew?

    I don't remember much of it, she worked on a mowing and landscape crew and I think she did a decent job.
  2. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Messages: 4,724 Read jmbrowning's letter where he speaks about being on Ax men. He clearing points out the direction he wanted to see the show and his disappointment in how bad it was and how they focused on the little stuff and missed the real story. Other fact he says they were never paid wow no way id have them mocking my children on national tv and not get paid on top of it.

    Swamp loggers was awesome sadly they seemed to have canceled it. Where it was great was where ax men deadliest catch and all the storage wars and shipping wars ice road truckers fall short. It focused on one company it was not a competition it was life and what hardships were and could make your worse day ever seem mild when you saw what a bad day really was. There was no gay animations with traps or guide wires crushing employees or cutting them in half there as no ridiculous fake drama with fist fights on the job site no re tard ed screams in the gay animations when the workers perished.

    If they did a show more than likely it would be one company vs another and we would all get to see the Lawn Count and personally I feel the others nailed it. They would go out of their way to make us look ridiculous to sell the show.
  3. Chris_NC06

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    I remember "King of Dirt" on DIY network. It was probably the closest you can get to a landscape related reality show. It was kinda cheesy though.
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  4. Chris_NC06

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    Yup, she set the kid she worked with up with a free franchise and a brand new pickup.
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  5. qualitylawnpro

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    wasnt there one years ago on guys that had a tree service? they acted like a bunch of idots on there bobcats! i think it got alot of complaints and was cancelled
  6. Oxmow

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    That would be "Nosak Raw" It was based here in Tulsa and there obviously were a number of things that the network showed that made them look like idiots. Not that they didn't provide the "raw" material for Plus there's only so much you can do on TV (reality TV) before OSHA comes and has a chat with you!

    I remember an episode where they lifted a crown of a tree off the base and stood the crane truck up on its back wheels with the front wheels off the ground by 10 or 12 feet.
  7. Nate'sLawnCare

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    Unfortunately, most "reality" shows are way too scripted. They try to make everything suspenseful, so would probably try to portray landscaping as highly dangerous or something.
  8. wegomow

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    I agree they must add the drama element, if they weren't scripted they'd be boring and off the air in no time.
  9. Kelly's Landscaping

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    They would film you reaching out to move a branch as you mowed and edit it to look like you got seriously hurt and knocked off the mower and then go to commercial. You would then come back after the break to find your fine and nothing happened and then they would need the next bit of drama. Perhaps an argument in the truck as your driving followed by a rapid movement of the camera to make it look like a multi car pile up on your rig that you need to get the lawn count for the week to stay on top as king of the lawns :laugh::laugh:
  10. Oxmow

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    Why is it that they can't show a well run operation that results in a properly cared for and maintained property that gives credit to the guys that are doing the work. Maybe even a show that showcases different companies each week. They DIY shows on LGTV show what can be done well...even if they do have the "deadline" drama.

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