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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by NiteTymeIlluminations, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Has anyone ever noticed how close this forum is to a reality show? You have a few characters that are always poking at each other acting like a few 5 year olds. Then you have a few people who can control themselves but they got lost because of the few people who can't control themselves. Luckily there is an ignore feature on this forum, unlike a reality show. If a few more people used the ignore feature this forum would took a great leap. Until then we have to deal with a few egos that are constantly killing a thread by defending themselves or a mfr or a way or wiring or whatever everytime someone says something they disagree with. We also have to deal with some constantly starting crap by always saying something that he knows will start crap.

    I turned my ignore feature off a few days ago; what a mistake. I guess I'll have to turn it back on for 2 or 3 people again and miss out on the few things they say that are productive in order to avoid listening to them constantly defending everything since they know they are the only ones who do anything perfect or poking at the other person's Achilles tendon.

    I am not surprised that a few people lose business by being on this forum.

    If a few people are looking for turmoil and raucous turn on the Reality channel and leave the crap out of this forum. There's alot of potential here but a few people are always ruining it for the rest of us. Learn how to use the ignore feature if you dont like someone and thicken your skin a bit at the same time. Please.

    And this is just a lighting forum. It's a living. It is not life, sorry guys, its just lighting. I'm dying to know how these guys act in real life. I can imagine them in a neighborhood committee arguing because so and so doesn't cut his grass the way his neighbor does and he should be thrown out of the neighborhood. Or someone picked on his kid in school so he's protesting to the school board to do something about it.
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    A reality show eh? You might just have something there! Let me float it by a TV Producer client of mine and see what he thinks. :clapping:

    There certainly is a large entertainment component to my participation here. Given all the drivel that is put on TV, I would rather get my entertainment dose on-line. I regularly get a smile :) and a chukle :laugh: from reading and contributing to many of the threads here. Sometimes communicating with only text doesn't tell the whole story... and things get mis-interpreted. You just have to be like a duck, and let it all slide off your back.

    On another note: We start back to work on Outdoor Lighting on Monday! :clapping: The snow is melting fast and the temperatures are finally above freezing at night... whew, that was one intense winter. Here we got over 18 feet (yep FEET) of snowfall, breaking a record set in 1942.

    I have 27 annual service calls lined up with the phone ringing daily, 5 systems sold and awaiting installations, 4 interiors underway, 2 sales calls this weekend, and I just lined up a project at a landmark resort that one of my clients purchased over the winter! Bring it on!
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    Doug if you think this forum is bad you should see some of the other hobby forums out there. :hammerhead: This forum is not bad at all.

    I think that when you get a group of passionate people around one topic they are all familiar with then arguments and such will break out. Defense mechanisims will be triggered when discussing subjects one feels strongly about. It is human nature.

    I think we are all guilty of it at some point here. It is hard not to get sucked into something, especially when you strongly disagree. But that is what a public forum is all about. Sharing ideas, hashing out different opinions. In all the people reading this should be able to filter out the garbage and pull the good from the information being shared.

    Do I think some comments are useless, absoulutly. But I havent found another forum discussing lighting that is better than this one.

    just my $.02


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