Really.....Come on Guys, Honestly

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PushingupDaisies, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. PushingupDaisies

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    Look at my sig. You will see the kind of non-commercial equipment I have. Yes, I know laugh all you want. I am a weekend warrior for now, hoping to grow bigger. So I have resi equipment. But it works for now.

    So here's the short story:

    Keep in mind that I am using a Dadge dakota right now, so I am not using the tank of a horse trailer, just a small 6'x8' trailer.

    Anyway, I'm done Saturday afternoon early (new employee is much faster). I'm off to the landfill. Had a couple things going on so I had no time to drop my equipment first. Pay the usual green waste fee and head for the drop off. The guys at the drop off love their job I guess, they are always watching to ensure nothing "non-green" gets dumped. Guy signals me in to where he wants me to back up and stops me. He says "you can drop that other stuff in the dumpster over there before you drop the grass.";) :confused:He was dead serious. I replied "thanks, but believe it or not, thats the tools I use to get all that grass in the back to begin with." I mean come on, no fancy commercial stuff here yet, but really???!!!:dizzy: :laugh:
  2. wheels910

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    sounds like you had a "Here's you're sign" moment.
  3. MileHigh

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    Some people are just plain "Stupid"
  4. PushingupDaisies

    PushingupDaisies LawnSite Member
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    It gave me a good laugh. I should have said "I was meaning to just bring all the tools to dump, but this darn grass just hopped in the back of my truck." Hmmmmmm.......Grass there could be some good money in it
  5. JNyz

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    I guess it is time to step it up.
  6. Allamericanlandscaping

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    no offense to anyone who works in a waste dump but those guys couldn't tell an 07 scag from a 1960 push mower.
  7. JB1

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    I could care less what you have, if your happy with it thats all that matters.
  8. MJS

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    :usflag: That's how I see it - if it does the job - more power to you.

    lol That's a funny story, though.

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