Really important question about getting full city blocks of accounts

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mr. Magpie, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. Mr. Magpie

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    I have thought about how it would be possible to convince people in poor neighborhoods to allow me to mow their front swayle for a couple bucks and get whole city blocks of accounts adjacent to each other. The front swayles in the poorer neighborhoods around my area are all currently unmaintained weedhouses and are between 200 and 700 sq. ft. and I could easily charge people 3-10 bucks to mow and blow off their swayles (no edging or trimming). This would result in me getting extremely rich in an extremely short amount of time, obviously. And all that with none of the inefficiencies of packing up and driving to individual lawns. Even poor people can afford $10-20 a month, right?!

    Have any of you had an opportunity to do this, or anything similar to this? How did you achieve it? Haven't you ever wanted to exploit the principle of elasticity on a mass scale??!!

    To me, this is what every lawn guy should strive for...... riding a mower straight for a full circle city block about 7 times and packing up shop after about a half hour with a good solid $150 in your pocket and not a drip of sweat on your brow or a hint of a headache from worrying about how the lawns look afterwards. (The weeds are knocked down, end of story!)
  2. Geoffrey

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    Mr. Magpie,
    I wonder how many of those really close front lawns it takes to replace stolen equipment? I like the idea though.


    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    I don't see you getting rich off 3-10 bucks per customer. Aren't there any rich folks down there?

    I agree with Geoffrey regarding the stolen equipment. I do a townhouse for an old co-worker of mine. It's in a nasty neighborhood, everybody's got bars on the lower windows, used to be an open-air drug market down the street, etc. I've always got one eye on my truck while I'm there.
  4. MWE

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    You'd spend half an hour mowing, and one week trying to collect your money from each house. B/C half the people wouldn't be there, the other half that would be there wouldn't have the money at the time of mowing, and tell you to come back another day to collect your money. Then when you come back a few days later they still wouldn't have the money. Sounds more of a headache than anything.
  5. Green Care

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    If ther are in poor hood I bet the grass is not on there mind they could care less.

    I would leave that alone.
  6. GrassBustersLawn

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    Hard enough to get people that have $$$ to pay. I wouldn't monkey with poor people! Target the areas of town that can afford it!

  7. txlawnking

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    Too many BROKE people living in $250,000 homes around here. Hard enough to get business from them.... Why would you think that some one in that kinda neighborhood would miss a meal to pay you 5 bucks..... I admire your idea, I just think it probably wouldn't work too well.. Mwe and other are right... You'd spend 20 times the ammount of time trying to collect, as it acctually took to do the work.
  8. lqmustang

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    If you want an idea that will make you decent money, try to find out who services vacant HUD houses, repo's, and such in your area. I just picked up such an account, and the first time out I cut 18 yards in 7 hours. The time included having to search out a couple, since I'd never visited any of the locations before. Grossed a nice bit of change. No trimming, no blowing, just mow and go.

  9. now dont get me wrong here im not bashing your idea ..your area may be different then mine.....i wouldnt touch hud around here for a billion dollars tax free.

    Most of the homes we did were in rough areas ...junk all over the place ..crack viles ,rubbers and parts of old cars all over the place... had to pack a gun and it just aint aint worth the aggravation for no amount money around here.
  10. txlawnking

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    YOU packed a gun odin? That musta been a real rough hood'....:D

    Seriously though, I've done a few repo/foreclosure's from realtor's and I ain't diggin' it at all! I'm still waiting to get paid by one bank.. they're getting a certified letter tues day if the check isn't here tommorow.... Plus the places beat the hell out of my equipment... If I didn't need the $$$ so bad, I dang sure would NEVER set foot or wheel on another HUD property....

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