really in a pickle about getting a 36 WB

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MulchMan88, May 12, 2008.

  1. MulchMan88

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    ive been researching and researching for the past couple weeks as to what walk behind i wanna get. ive wanted to buy a used one, but can never seem to find the right one for the right price, and if i do, its located in like ohio. i havent been a fan of buying used equipment, because you never know whats wrong with it. if somethings broken, i wanna be the one to break it so i know how to fix it and all.

    ive always wanted an exmark, but the more i read and think about it, the more i feel the quick 36 would be a better fit. its smaller, light weight (compared to the exmark) and the big difference, its about $700 cheaper. im not a fan of financing but i plan to put a huge down payment on it so i'll owe less than 800 bucks, which will make my payments tiny too.

    any of you guys with the quick have any suggestions? the only thing im not a fan of so far is the way you have to raise and lower the deck.
  2. hgreer

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    Buy a eXmark Metro 36 leave the Quick 36 alone unless you have a back up mower. When service is needed you will have to box it up and send it back to the factory, buy something from your local dealer he will take care of you.
  3. BLKSS

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    im in the same situation, i was thinking scag 36
  4. Howard Roark

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    This simply is NOT true. :laugh:

    When it needs service, the person with average mechanical ability can perform the service which in turn saves you money by avoiding your dealer. If it's an engine problem it's covered under warranty at your local dealer.

    Otherwise you will never be boxing up your mower to be sent anywhere.

    Get a Quick, there's a reason why there are thousands of people who are thrilled with them.
  5. Country

    Country LawnSite Member
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    I vote for an Exmark WB!
    You can't beat having a great dealer network and the cut is awesome!
  6. ProStreetCamaro

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    You want inexpencive yet rock solid reliable and a great cut? Bobcat 36" Classic is impossible to beat.
  7. Yater

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    Yeah, great dealers. My exmark dealer preemptively (and illegally) denied any warranty claims I might have on my redmax blower because I told them I had a case of 2stroke mix at home and didn't need any "redmax oil". Great guys:rolleyes:

    edit: I love my quick 36 ninja. With the extra money saved over the metro 36, I bought an ebz7001 blower and a klt27a trimmer.
  8. ksstate2

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    from kansas
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    LOL! That's kind of funny ProStreetCamaro.

    After taking your suggestion, I just looked up dealers in my area for a Bobcat walk behind mower and the first three calls to my nearest dealers all went straight to answering machines. The fourth call was two states away from me and they actually picked up the telephone.

    I checked on the price for the 36" Hydro with a 15hp Kaw engine and it was $1999.99. The price for the same mower except for a 17 hp Kaw was an unbelieveable $3729.00. What a jump in price! And a fixed deck to boot.

    I guess the first three dealers were too busy selling mowers or fixing their mowers to answer the telephone to try and get a sale! :hammerhead:
  9. zz4guy

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    There are hardly any specialized parts on the Q36 that you need a dealer for. I use it as my primary mower. The most I've ever broke is a belt. And lost a few of those fork spacers. That thing is a beast.

    If you can't fix what breaks on a Q36 you should probably be sitting in a cubicle someplace instead of mowing :hammerhead:
  10. ProStreetCamaro

    ProStreetCamaro LawnSite Platinum Member
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    :laugh: Why does that not surprise me?

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