Really, Trugreen?

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    Got a call back tonight from a quote I did couple weeks ago, ferts and squirts. Lady said she would really like me to treat their lawn, but I am DOUBLE what TG is charging (they had TG do one app last fall when they moved in). The lawn is 16K sq ft. I am guessing TG charged them about $45 for the app. So you can guess about what my price was.

    $45 you have got to be kidding me. I won't treat any lawn for under $40 and that is a real small lawn. I would charge $45 for a 5-6k sq ft lawn (maybe). They are charging that price for 10k MORE sq ft of lawn? Do they not realize what they are leaving on the table by doing this?

    These clowns probably 'measured' the lawn wrong, is one theory. I have seen multiple occasions where TG was WAAAYY off on their measurements. I mean, if you are experienced enough, you can walk up to a 16k sq ft lawn and know for a fact it isn't a 5k sq ft lawn. Right?

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    Yep, that would be the great TG for ya. I measured a yard at 37K. We do all the irrigation work on the property and was told to submit a bid for fert and squirt. He said that Tru Green will do each app for $96.00. I was more than that. I told the homeowner to ask for the application records and see what fert and how many SF they are saying that they spray.
  3. trock

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    Most of the time in my area tg only does the front lawns....
  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Ha here is another good one. A new customer of mine had TG spray his lawn, one app, years ago. He said he placed out shallow containers in the lawn, so that when TG sprayed, some would go into the containers. He then went so far as to submit the liquid for testing to see what actually was in it. One would think, would have to be some variant of 3 way, or liquid fert, right?


    It tested out to be...............WATER.
  5. Colonel Forbin

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    I see alot of hate for tru green on this forum, everyone I know who has them is very happy with them, many homes in my development get treated by TG and all the lawns are darn near perfect and weed free. They quoted me 160 per app for 40,000 sq ft. I'm considering them for next year, this year I'm DIY to get it into good shape since I'm doing a renovation with slit seeding and aeration, they were sky high on that quote.
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    I had a guy doing apps for me that worked for TG for awhile. He bought his own 3 way to add to the tank so he wouldn't get callbacks, because he didn't get paid for them.

    Callbacks occurred why? Because they watered down the mix so much it wasn't effective.
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    I have to agree with you. They normally do a pretty good job. When I used them in Maryland they did a good job for years until they sprayed weed killer to close to my vegetable garden on a windy day. Absolutely killed everything. I haven't used a Fert/weed service since.
  8. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Make sure they measured your lawn right 1st off. I have many examples where I wheel measured against their software and they were way off.

    Also keep in mind, you hire TG, you get an employee doing the work. An employee who has no interest in mind but getting paid. You hire a local LCO, you get someone who has a vested interest in seeing your lawn look good.
    Plus money stays in your local community. You make the call....
  9. Colonel Forbin

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    This thread made me do some investigation on my measurements.

    I said my yard is 40K sq. I based that off of a local company who was out to give me a quote in person shortly after I moved into my new home. True Green never told me the Sq ft that was all done all over the phone.

    I was just on Greenview's website and ran through their acre to sq ft converter and 1.0 acre is 43K sq ft. My lot size is 1.31 which I know from county records, the sale of the house and appraisal. I believe county records over anyone.

    1.31 acres is FAR more than 40K sq that the local guy who was orginally out so he was wrong as well.

    Believe me I am anti corporation and I am 100% DIY and using friends for everything. I take pride and joy in my yard work, the only reason i would switch to TG would be a financial decision but a friend of mine works for Arret sales so I got the hook up.
  10. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Make sure you are getting your lawn size not lot size.
    No one will spray your home our outbuildings I don't think.

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