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  1. AEW

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    I now have a realtor that wants me to mow all of his properties for him. Sounds good right? He wants me to charge a set price for every yard. What do yall think about that? He is wanting me to agree to like 30 or 35 bucks and mow all of his rental properties...all for the same price. No matter what size or difficulty. Most of the yards are small neighborhood yards...30 or 35 is good on complaints. I am waiting for him to give me a 2 acre yard or something though.

    Take it or no?

    Lots of potential yards to do. Somewhere between 5 and 10 a week as a minimum and he is giving my name to his coworkers. Meet this guy through my father so still thinking over it...
  2. promower

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    If there all about the same size and 30-35 bucks would be a fair amount I would go for that. Check out all the ones he listed for you and agree to only that list if it is acceptable. Although I can hear it now, everything is all good and your ready to start and he calls and says I forgot to add one to the list and you look at it and it 2-3 acres.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Tell him yes up to a certain size, He should go for that.
  4. Skookum

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    I agree with the "up to x size" idea. But you might want to give him a "above x size" rate now so when that day and size comes there is no confusion about what you will be charging. I would also add some sort of "extenuating dificulties above average" clause if a contract. Never know how overgrown property may be, how many slopes, trees, landscaping beds, rough terrain etc,... I think I might even add something about distance of service area, as well,

    Don't set yourself up.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Ask him if he will list any home -any size- any price for $3000.00.
    Talk his language and he will better understand yours.
  6. MOW ED

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    That is the best response to any realtor that I have ever seen!!!!!
  7. aries

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    Noway unless they are inspected by you first! thats nut's, great reply PMlawn
  8. BobR

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    There is only one group lower on the food chain than 'used car salesmen' and YOU want to enter into a business agreement with them, one word of advice "BEWARE"... Get every thing in writing when you have agreed on the pricing structure especially how you are to be compensated for your labors, do not forget to enter a generous (for you) late payment fee on an again generous sliding scale. Why all this contract stuff? It will be much easier for you to prove your case when you go to small claims to get your money. If you are desperate for accounts go for it but CYA, if this is just a way to get some extra $$ I would look elsewhere.

  9. Littleriver1

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    Sounds to me like some one is going to get screwed. Ask him if he want to sell all his houses for the same price.
  10. gqnine44

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    Does he own the rental properties? If not then how is he getting reimbursed? I would do it if I trusted him. If he gets a bigger yard you will charge extra. I cant imagine him expecting you to do any size for $35. He will understand.

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