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  1. workinallthetime

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    anyone had any luck working with realtors, i know some people move out of their home before it is sold and do not want to take care of 2 properties at once. just a thought
  2. robbo521

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    i work for 3 now.they have been old bosses or friends and its been great.i am doing some lake house,s that people on come down once a month and these came from realtors.all the want is cut trim blow and go.
  3. wowmowwow

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    my dad is a realtor and he got me off to my start. since then i have had a few calls from his colleagues every once and while for one offs. i met a husband and wife realtor from church and they have called me for a few one time mows. sometimes the homeowner pays the this case you may have to play phone tag to get your $ becuase, chances are they are out of state.

  4. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    In our area it's not worth it. They want you to cut a 1/2 acre yard that has been let go for a month for $20 and they want it done right after you get off the phone. They make a ton of money but aren't willing to pay for a decent service. Let the lowballers have it.

    YARDS ETC. LawnSite Member
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    Just an added tip for some cheap advertising/marketing! I recently constructed a letter that i can send via email to some real estate agents that post their email address in the local news paper. I havent herd from any as of yet, but who knows what the future holds plus its free to send via email.
  6. workinallthetime

    workinallthetime LawnSite Member
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    and a good one at that !!! may even post some prices to them, with a bird dog fee to help get their business
    one thing i have found with my one time service jobs in my tractor business is i clearly state and have them sign that payment is due upon completion of job or a x amount is due up front.
  7. wowmowwow

    wowmowwow LawnSite Member
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    i havnt had a $ issue over the jobs i did. the way i see it someone is selling a costly house. so x can pay the price. and they do. at fisrt i was timid aboout jacking the price up but after my dad drilled it into my head,"whatever your bid is, add 20 bucks to it to be safe.
  8. StBalor

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    I did the same thing over the winter. I used the internet to find realtors doing buisiness in my county. Added them all to a group on in my email. Made up a letter and sent it out thursday morning. Got 1 reply yesterday to give estimate at one of their houses.
  9. LB1234

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    we have/do and it works out just fine. We landed a snow plow account from them due to someone's mother passing away and the house went into an escrow account or something like that. The realtor recommended us for snow plow coverage. Worked out pretty good this year.

    Also get the occasional phone call for odd jobs and the like. You have to be careful though, often times they have no clue what things cost and it can be a waste of your time cause what you say is 500 they feel is only 100 or two.
  10. corey4671

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    I tried the same thing. Heck my Favorite aunt is a realtor and there are other realtors I've known my whole life. Most of them are just arrogant jerks who think you should like was stated above mow a half acre lot for $20 that hasn't seen a mower in a month. I MIGHT here from some of them, but I ain't holding my breath.

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