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  1. solaras

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    Does anyone network with realtors? We are think of trying this, and offering them some incentive if we pick up a contract by their word of mouth.
  2. SprinklerGuy

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    Their incenctive should be that fact that they have answers to questions and you are the answer. We do not give realtors any incentives other than great work. We make them look good in the eyes of their clients etc. that is incentive enough, I think.,
  3. Equipguy

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    I've found working with a Realtor that specializes in relocations for a large firm has been beneficial. Like other work I do it took a while to build trust by doing a good job but now he just calls and says take care of this and send me the bill. Also, he has made several referals to others in his firm. I would suggest you find a realtor that has been in the business for a while. As you know, every other person you meet in Florida is either in real estate or the lawn business.
  4. 65hoss

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    I did some work for one last year. He moved out of town and wanted his house taken care of until he sold it or rented it. I got a couple of leaf jobs off it from his clients. Nothing much. He always wanted a deal. Tried to hold over my head that he could maybe get me some biz. I didn't take the bait. Good thing I didn't. He moved across the state.
  5. gene gls

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    I do a Reality Office and have known the office manager for several years. He refers me mostly to clients that want thier property shaped up to put on the market. I get some work now and then.

  6. tpirobert

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    I targeted Realtors when I started my business. Quickly found out it was'nt such a good idea. They mostly call at the last moment and need a "fire put out" right away. Secondly, they want a deal or the money is somehow tied up, but will be on the way. You may have a different experience, but I would use caution. Now, if I were selling my house I would use a realtors service. I know a few personally that I really like, but would not work for them. I also shy away from servicing banks, credit unions and the like. A big part of any business transaction is trust.
  7. HBFOXJr

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    Ditto all he says. In our area they pretty much an attitude that they are the busiest, most important people on earth. Comdined with non-working mothers they are the worst to schedule an appointment with. Alwasy on the run, never there, inflexible and want special considerations.

    Just be strong, diligent and firm when your dealing with them. Remember you are runing YOUR business, not them.

    My wife and I have found that when people push you for somethiong you can't or don't want to do just keep repeating your same answer and nothing else. They get the message afterwhile.
  8. jjfehr

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  9. Realtors are a lower form of life than pond scum.
  10. You will like them when you have to mail the bills to South Africa.

    I've had a few that had trouble collecting with, but it's nice since they didn't sell their house yetI could still put a lein on it.

    Also, I had another move to South Africa and I knew they would pay. They sent me checks early every month to make sure they got there before the bill went out. But I trusted them before they did that.

    Realty people are wheeler dealers, how you deal with them.

    CONTRACTS with them not the home owners.

    I just don't deal with them any more.

    Go after doctors, they don't want to hurt their hands mowing the lawn, and want to show off thier money.

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