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    We have been working with a few realtors and been happy with there performances, 1 big gain is we maintain homes on a big lake and new home buyers dont wont to mow these lawns so they ask the realtor and our name is given, 2nd some of the realtors have a property manager which runs there home when they are away we also get accounts from them. Best of all our business card go out with almost every sale and at some point we are contacted to do landscape construction and make the most money in that area. Some companies we contacted sounded shaddy but if you find one stay with them they have UNLIMITED resources and can boost your business. You really have to know what your doing when you do work for them, inexperience is where the problems start .
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    Been down this road. Not real productive. Spent $200 to get in prospect packet last spring. Todate, two customers, one called once .. needed right now .. open house. Paid 60 days later.
    Other moved out of town... first month got a hot check - late, then finally collected all three months of service in November after threatening to lien theproperty.
    I don't think I'll renew the ad. :D

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