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    I was wondering how many have rear discharge decks and what you think? In theory the idea sounds good. We have close quarters in between condo's and trying to improve our job. PJ what are the biggest uses that people are using the Rear Discahrges for? In heavier grasses how well does it spread out the clippings? THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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    The main uses we see people buying these for are safety related or tall grass / farm type mowing.
    If your mowing in public areas where you need to be concerned about the deck throwing clippings and debris then the RD is your best bet.
    Cutting where you need to trim with both sides of the deck is another great way to use this mower.
    It cuts great, but it cuts the grass once and lays it down or fans it out the rear of the deck, it does not stay in the deck to get cut finer like a side discharge deck.
    If your mowing on a consistent schedule and the grass doesn't get out of hand then the RD will likely be fine, but if not you need to be aware it could windrow clippings.
    Demo one before you buy it to make sure it will do what your needing it to do.

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    It will only windrow if you cut too much off and go too fast. I love the feature of never getting dirty on windy grass to blow back on top of me.

    Our sales of the rear discharge models continue to grow every year.

    Many of my dealers have one in their demo fleet. If not, I do. Check with your dealer and see if they can get you a demo.

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