Rear Discharge Mowers...Yes or No?

Bayou Man

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I'm thinking about trying out some of the new rear discharge mowers that are on the market now. My hesitation is that when we tried them a long time ago, they left lines of cut grass behind. Is this still a problem?

Also, I've gotten to a point now that I have to put mulching kits on all of our mowers because the guys won't use the open side discharge machines for fear of flying debris breaking a window. Would rear discharge machines be the better solution?

Ridin' Green

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IMO, rear discharge mower decks on ZTR's are about a half step up from an actual bush hog. I would never buy one unless what I had to cut with it specifically was a large area of field grass and the QOC left behind didn't matter for the finsihed product. All of them that I have seen working leave a rough looking cut behind on turf grass.


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things I always keep in mind with rear discharge decks.

the clumps left when cutting wet grass will get smashed into the ground making them harder to remove. how do you bag should you need to.