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After reading the post below about the new Toro deck and how well it throws grass, I wondered why a rear discharge isn't the answer to all decks and getting rid of the grass.
I know the engineers work these things out, but how could it be a good idea to make the grass change directions as it discharges from the left side of a 72" deck to the right. I guess this is the best they can come up with as most decks have this angle change. Part of having a large deck? Thanks for your replies. DaveVB


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our local council has a toro groundsmaster with a rear discharge deck, I saw it the first time a few days wise around buildings and traffic and afle to overgrown grass, this deck would be ideal, as far as a finishing mower, forget it! These decks leave big windrows behind the machine, yuck! Only a council can get away with that type of finish, we couldn't!

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Hey, doesn't Ferris have a new rear discharge ZTR for '04?


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Rear discharge decks are notorius for windrows. There really isn't a good way to get a nice even spread of the clippings unless it is side discharge. Rear discharge mowers don't look too bad when there isn't much grass being cut off but forget it in wet spring grass.


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It would work on riders but walk behinds are an absolute no-no. They used to make push mowers with rear discharge "back in the day". They got so many impalements and other injuries from objects being discharged they had to discharge away from the operator. Forward won't work because you would constantly be recutting clippings. Left hand would work but that requires the clippings to go all the way around a deck before discharge. Right hand discharge was the only option left.

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